“Slow Hand” for Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Oh, meant to mention in the previous edition that Daniel Camal, our building contractor, has located where the windows for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize are. Miami! So, a little while yet before we get to see them. Just hope that this does not delay the finish.

Yesterday. as soon as the office was open (8.30 am), I made contact with Willard Young of R F & G Insurance to try to arrange insurance for our golf cart. He was extremely helpful and told me that once he had the necessary documentation from me via email (information/photo page from my Passport, copy of my “QRP” ID card and a copy of my Belize Drivers License) he would get to work producing the paperwork and send it to me via Tropic Air. I already had photos of all that he wanted so it only took a few minutes to email him what he needed.

Thought the processing for the insurance would be relatively straightforward and quick but this wasn’t the case! Willard ‘phoned me three or four times during the course of the day and as the hours went by I had serious doubts that the policy would arrive so that we could get our golf cart.

As the hours passed by my misgivings became stronger and at 3.30 pm Rose and I concluded that we had waited enough and decided to go look at what was going on at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. I hadn’t been driving very long when my ‘phone rang. It was Willard, the policy would be on the 4.30 pm Tropic Air flight to San Pedro. Too late for us to get the permit for our golf cart but… Either Willard had a lot of paperwork to complete for our policy or he has a slow hand when it comes to filling in forms!

Relieved (perhaps me more than Rose – boys toys and all that) by the knowledge that we would get the cart the next day we arrived at our build Ambergris Caye, Belize around 4 pm and after parking our rented golf cart went straight to the Ground Floor to see that José and Alfonso had completed fitting the ceiling grids in the Store Room/Garage.


The ‘home’ for our new golf cart!

It was still very wet and muddy around the northern side of the house so we looked through the kitchen window of the Ground Floor self-contained apartment to see how work on the septic tank/soak-away was progressing and were extremely surprised to see that not only had they fitted the rebar frame but had started laying the concrete blocks.


(From left to right) Eduardo, Martin, Nicholas and Angel at work whilst Porfelio looks on.


The two younger members of the team, Miguel and Apollito, at the ready with the cement.


Nicholas ‘threading’ the rebar rod through a ‘block.


And it’s in!

Satisfied with the progress on the ‘tank we went up to the First Floor to find José and Alfonso – now that the cantilever beams have had their finishing coat of cement – fixing the ceiling grids for the western veranda ceiling.


With nothing else being done on the First Floor Rose and I ‘took’ the scaffold up to the Second Floor where we found Rolando, the plumber/electrician – assisted by Rafael (aka The Frog) – installing the wiring for the sockets, switches and lights.


Wiring for the lighting in the Master Bedroom begins.


Our timing was perfect because Rolando had been waiting for us to let him know exactly how many lights we want and where we want them to be. Rose, with the encyclopedic memory she has for this type of thing, was able to answer his questions very easily and quickly. We have arranged to meet Rolando today (Friday) at 3 pm so that we can tell him the lighting layout for the Ground and First Floors.

With Rolando knowing what we want we decided to head off home but on the way out saw that Porfelio had finished laying the blocks for the first flight of the entrance stairway.


Now for the cement coats!

Today is one year to the day that Rose and I, after leaving the UK, arrived in Ambergris Caye, Belize so I need to put my ‘thinking cap’ on to decide where we will go this evening to celebrate our first anniversary. Wherever it is I hope we go there in our new golf cart!

The headline is based on the single released in 1981 by The Pointer Sisters which reached number two in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number ten in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Homero says:

    Happy First Anniversary! My wife and I have been following your blog as we someday hope to retire to Belize (although to Caye Caulker instead of Ambergris Caye) and appreciate you documenting the QRP process and the house building process. Only 25 years to go… 🙂

    1. Thank you. Pleased that you are enjoying the bog and that it is of some help. Time flies quickly.

  2. kathi moore says:

    Happy First Anniversary on living the island kinda life! I have to keep telling myself jealousy will get me no where. All the best to you both.

  3. Tom J says:

    Congrats! and Happy Anniversary from Montana!
    (geezers like me like to celebrate anything we can!)

    1. Thanks Tom. Seems like we are much alike – I manage to find that most things warrant a celebration!

  4. robert says:

    Hi John.
    You could have popped into Atlantic bank and got cart insurance in minutes for $65bz

    1. Quite happy to wait really Robert. Got what I consider ( having got other quotes) fully comp for a good price.

  5. Steve Martin says:

    I take that from your latest post, the bridge is complete? Nothing like a new “big boy toy” to put a smile on your face.

    1. Hi Steve. The work on the bridge is not finished yet. however, unlike many on the Ambergris Caye Forum, I think it could be complete by sometime next week.

  6. Paul says:

    Drive the new golf cart carefully,you wouldn’t want it to get scratched.

    1. Doubt that I will be allowed to drive it Paul. Think Rose has claimed it ‘as hers’!

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