“Feeling Good” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Picked up the tile sample that Jesus Cervantes of The Tile & Stone Center had sent to us via Tropic Air on Tuesday evening and with just one look at it Rose and I knew that we had the replacement for the unavailable Real Stone Gris that had been our first choice.

So, with the decision made, I fired off an email to Jesus yesterday morning to ascertain if he had sufficient stock of the tile to meet our requirements. Within minutes I had a response advising that he has 13,000 square feet in stock. We only need just over a tenth of this so what could have been a problem for us has been resolved. And, very quickly.

Then spent a bit of time exchanging emails with FC Exchange to make sure that payment to Captain Shark’s ( the balance for the golf cart we are buying) was being processed. It was, so ‘all systems go’!

At around 11.30 I got an email from Enrique at Captain Shark’s advising that the final payment had been received (FC Exchange is exceptionally quick at processing transactions) and that our golf cart is ready for collection today. We just needed to pop down to the store to choose our wheel rims. So off Rose and I went.

Just the insurance to sort out (will contact R F& G Insurance as soon as the office opens today) and collect the permit and number plate from the San Pedro Town Council’s Transport Department and we will have our own ‘wheels’!

Feeling good Rose and I set off at around 3 pm to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and, because of the walk from the northern side of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge (because of its closure for essential repairs/maintenance work) got there around 3.30 pm.

As we approached the house we could see José at work in the Store Room/ Garage fitting ceiling grids.


The final room on the Ground Floor.

In to the self-contained apartment where we saw the living/kitchen room area fully fitted with the ceiling grids.


Through to the ‘master’ bedroom and out on to the veranda to find that the rebar (bet you rebar ‘haters’ thought that you had seen the last of this word!) had been fitted for the stairs.


Just need the form boards to be fitted and the concrete can be poured.

Next we went up to the First Floor to find Sam applying the finishing coat of cement to the cantilever beams.


Sam at work on the final beam.


The beam in the south-west corner already finished.

Just around the corner on the southern veranda Martin was at work applying the finishing coat to the underside of the Second Floor veranda.


As we walked around we could see that Rolando, the plumber/electrician, has been busy at work running the wiring for the external power sockets (there will two power sockets on each of the exterior walls – so eight in total on this floor).


Eastern side of First Floor veranda.


Northern side of First Floor veranda.

Looking down to ground level we could see that the hole (although full of water from the rain) for the septic tank/soak-away had been completed.



View at ground level.

As we departed our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we saw Porfelio at work laying the last of the blocks to close the gap under the stairway to the First Floor.


And because only small amounts of cement were required Miguel was ‘knocking-up’ by hand.


Over by the bodega Angel and Eduardo were creating the rebar (knew I would get another opportunity to mention rebar!) frame for the septic tank/soak-away.


Just a few more rods required for the base.

The headline is based on track seven of Nina Simone’s 1965 album entitled “I Put a Spell on You” which reached number ninety-nine in the US Billboard Hot 200 and number eighteen in the UK Albums Chart.


  1. Tom J says:

    “bloody” windows is not an expression that yanks recognize

    tom in Montana

    1. Now G’day I understand.

  2. Joe says:

    Why would your windows have blood on them? :>)

    1. Do not understand the question Joe?

  3. Jane says:

    John, your terrific construction team continues to work long, hard hours each day. Thankfully, the views they have while working are spectacular!

    1. Absolutely Jane. On both counts. Didn’t mention it in the blog but on Tuesday night they got the floodlights out so they could work late. Just wish the bloody windows would arrive!

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