“The Winner Takes It All” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Rose and I have enjoyed a really lazy weekend so far. I ‘say’ so far because it’s a public holiday today so the weekend is an extended one.

We did go to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize on Saturday though and progress continues to be made although until the windows and sliding doors arrive from America progress appears so much slower than it has previously been.

We had been ‘warned’ that this would be the case but nonetheless we still have expectations (unrealistic we know) that we will see material changes from one day to the next. So to those of you that are going to embark on having your home built in Belize (and I suppose anywhere else for that matter) be prepared for the length of time that the final stages will take.

When we got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize on Saturday we started off looking around the Ground Floor self-contained apartment where we were pleased to see that Martin was applying the final coat of cement to the ceiling for the veranda above the ‘master’ bedroom.


Rose and I then proceeded to the First Floor and on finding it a bit like the Marie Céleste very quickly climbed the scaffold and got to the Second Floor (we knew that the guys were up there because we could hear music booming out).


This little unit ‘gave out’ some seriously loud sounds.

In to Rose’s bathroom and we found that José and Alfonso had finished fitting the ceiling grids.


And they had also finished my bathroom too!


Out on the roof/veranda areas Nicholas had finished cementing the floor in the south-west corner.


Having done so the guys were now concentrating their efforts on the northern side of the roof terrace.


Section of floor adjoining the exterior wall finished.

And the guys were busy laying the next section.




Now that we have the concrete seat and table up on the roof terrace it is so much more comfortable for us(!) to watch the guys at work. We also get to admire the scenery.


View to the west – the lagoon.

Whilst we were sitting there the guys were packing up for the day and having said our goodbyes Rose and I followed them down the scaffolding. Before leaving our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize though it was good to see that our store room/garage was being put to good use.


Just about fits in there.

Before leaving we took a walk around the house and could see that the digging for where the septic tank and soak-away will go had really progressed.



And around the back of the house, with the landfill underway, the garden is starting to take shape.


Having finished this edition I am now going to get ready (Rose isn’t coming with me) to go to Pedro’s Hotel to have breakfast with Peter (aka Pedro) whilst we watch the Crystal Palace v Watford play-off final that will decide which one of the two teams get promoted to the hugely lucrative Premier League. The loser stays in the npower Championship. Definitely a case of “the winner takes it all”!

The headline is based on the 1980 single by ABBA which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart and number eight in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Louise Gow says:

    Hi John – I have a load of questions I would love to ask you – could I email you please. You can email me on louise@louisegow.com

    1. Have sent you an email Louise.

  2. itsacyn7 says:

    Happy Holiday John- your place is just turning out beautifully, after building ourselves that last push to the finish line only seems long, you’ll be moving in before you know it…and remember all the last pieces are the ones that you’ll forever look at (so don’t rush on them). Following your blog a bit late in the game could you tell me how big is your property or how many lots did you buy? Looks huge and wonderfully private! Hope the game went well.

    1. And happy Holiday to you too Cynthia. Couldn’t agree with you more in respect of the finishing touches. Get it wrong and it’s ‘in your face’! We bought two lots in Tres Cocos which combined our 125 feet by 325 feet. We re building on the 75 feet by 325 feet lot. As to the house, the total indoor space (over the three floors) is around 3,300 sq ft. With around the same for verandas and the roof terrace. Kind regards John

  3. Alan Slater says:

    How about those Arsenal Ladies, taking the Women’s Football Final Cup, John????? ……..three years in a row!!!!!!
    Alan S.

    1. If only the men’s team could do as well Alan!

  4. cynthiatree says:

    John, all that lovely wet cement! Are you and Rose going to write your initials in it somewhere – some little corner perhaps – with a heart and arrow?

    1. Haven’t done so yet. But you never know …

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