“Daddy Cool” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up yesterday just before 4 am and managed to publish an edition of this blog before the Internet started playing up. Really strange. I could open and send emails but couldn’t access the web. Denied The Times online there was only one course of action I could take. Estel’s for breakfast!

When I returned to the condo we are renting I ‘phoned Coral Cable (the company we get our Internet and TV services from) to be told that the problem with the Internet was island wide and that they were ‘working on it’.

There was a connection but it was intermittent and getting frustrated with having a connection and then not, I retreated to the beach with my Kindle. And very relaxing it was too.

Thoroughly ‘chilled out’ after around 90 minutes on the beach I returned to the condo and Rose and I had a light lunch and then set off for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there just after 2.30 pm.

On arrival it was difficult not to notice that Portfelio was working on the entrance stairway applying the final coat of cement in preparation for when the tiles are laid.


The second flight.

Moving aside – always the perfect gentleman – to allow us to access the First Floor where, on looking up, we could see that José and, his assistant, Alfonso (aka The Wolfman) were busy at work fitting the ceiling grids for the ceiling above where the stairs to the Second Floor will end.

Seeing that the scaffolding was back I was able to clamber up to see what was going on at close quarters.



On the western (lagoon) side veranda Eduardo had made a good start on laying the final coat of cement for the floor.


And on the eastern side the lines had been struck.


On the southern veranda Nicholas was busying at work laying the second of the two lines that will be used to lay the floor.


Whilst I was watching Nicholas at work his ‘phone rang. He had got a call to inform him that his first child, a baby boy to be called Nathan Nicholas, had just been born. Nicholas, although obviously excited, calmly (well he looked calm to me) completed striking the line and then proceeded to wash his tools. Daddy cool personified.

This cool persona very quickly disappeared as he changed from his work clothes (using my walk-in closet as his changing room I might add), ran down the stairs and sped off on his bike.

Rose and I send our best wishes to Nicholas (and of course his wife). He is an extremely likeable and polite young man and we are certain that he will make a great dad.

With the excitement over I rejoined Rose on the First Floor and we went down to the Ground Floor to find that Martin – working alone in the self-contained apartment – had finished applying the final coat of cement for the columns in the living/kitchen area.


Outside the house on the southern (I had noticed this when on the Second Floor) side two guys were busy at work digging a very large hole.



This hole will be where the final rubbish from our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize will be buried(land filled) and will not be covered until the end of the project.

The headline is based on the 1976 single by Boney M which reached number six in the UK Singles Chart and number sixty-five in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. robert says:

    John. One Hotspot works upto 5 devices and you can take on the beach or upto the new house, totally portable ans about $30 / month Its brill.

    1. Very interesting. Looks like we will be switching when we move up to Tres Cocos.

  2. robert says:

    John, re the internet Really only one way to go , get a Hotspot from Smart , fantastic, totally mobile , far cheaper and run 3 05 for devices of it . I’ll show you later

    1. Hi Robert. Am aware of the Smart USB (launched here at the beginning of last year I think) but it is fairly common that Rose and I want to use the Internet at the same time. So two USBs and packages.?

  3. Steve Martin says:

    John, You’re making really good progress, your builder seems to really care and take pride in their work. I have done a lot of research on Belize as a retirement destination. I know this is off the subject of your new home, but are the mosquitoes and sand flies very bad on Ambergris caye? I am allergic to their bites. Thanks, and good luck!

    1. We are on the ‘home straight’ now Steve and can see the end in sight.
      Daniel and his team have been great and a pleasure to work with (not that I have done much work though!).
      Mosquitos and sand flies are here (not all the time though). Pleased to say that the Mosquitos don’t bother me too much. The sand flies though do seem to find me. They are nowhere near as irritating as when we first arrived though.

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