“P.S. I Love You” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On Sunday the morning was spent getting ready for the Arsenal v Manchester United game. We dominated the first half, scored a goal (OK it was from an offside position) but then gave away a stupid penalty to let them back in to the game.

The second half was more a case of us making sure that they did not score again and we achieved this objective. Two points dropped but, given the opposition, I consider it more like one point gained. Three games to go and we cannot afford to drop any more points.

At lunchtime we popped next door to the Seahorse Bar (located at Coconuts Caribbean Hotel) to support the fundraiser barbecue for the San Pedro Sailing Club. A really good turnout and, as I understand, over BZ$ 1,000 raised. We did our bit by having barbecued chicken for lunch!

This morning Rose and I focused on tile selection and I fired off an email asking for information (price, dimensions and availability) to The Tile & Stone Center and another one to Benny’s regarding the light fittings that we have chosen. Nearly there now with our selections having made our decisions regarding choice of wood colour for the stairs, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and the doors.

Feeling quite pleased with our morning’s ‘work’ we decided to head off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and on the way there stopped to pick up some soft drinks for the guys which we gave to Alfredo to hand out as soon as we got to the site so that we could go take a look at what had been done in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment. Not a great deal but the cavity for the shower valve in the en-suite bathroom for the smaller of the two bedrooms had been ‘made good’.


Oh, and the aperture for the sliding doors in the ‘master bedroom’ had been prepared.


And the cavity for the ‘master bedroom’s en-suite had also been ‘made good’.


On the First Floor Porfelio was busy at work chipping away excess cement from the aperture for the central of the sliding doors.


Not so busy though that he couldn’t organise the scaffolding to be moved so that Rose could access the Second Floor.

Once up there we saw Nicholas and Martin applying the second coat of cement for the base of the western (lagoon side) of the veranda wall.


We hadn’t been up there too long when Angel asked us if the ‘blocks that had been laid our were in the right position for the concrete table.


We sat down on the seat and tried the ‘table’ out and suggested a slight change which Angel immediately took the measurements for.


With this adjustment underway we ventured in to Rose’s bathroom to find that the seat in her shower had been created.


And the recessed shelf had been cut to the required size.


A few feet away from us Zapeda was applying the finishing coat of cement to the doorway to Rose’s walk-in closet.


In the background the music was playing making use of an innovative and inexpensive speaker.



Told you the guys are creative.

Outside Martin had started to use a small feather edge on the base of the western veranda.


And Nicholas had repositioned the scaffolding to start applying a coat of cement underneath the veranda.



Extremely satisfied with progress Rose and I climbed down the scaffold and went to our golf cart where we saw that one of the guys had left a message on the bonnet.


We think it was his way of saying p.s I love you for bringing me a drink.

The headline is based on the single released in 1962 by The Beatles (it was the ‘B’ side) which reached number seventeen in the UK Singles Chart in 1962, number ten in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1964 and number four in the UK Singles Chart in 1982.


  1. Louise Gow says:

    Hi John. we are about half an hour north of Placencia – so a fair way off – its a big house and getting bigger by the day!! Getting scared at the costs now. We have US builders that are available to us – who in turn will use local builders.

    1. Hi Louise. Do you mean am I worried about the costs escalating? Or your costs escalating? Good luck with your build. It can be a lot of fun.

  2. Louise Gow says:

    Hi John. Loving your blog. We are moving there from the UK too. We are going south. Love your builders will they come south?

    1. Hi Louise. Pleased that you enjoy the blog. I think Daniel Camal our builder will ‘go’ outside of Ambergris Caye but whether he does depends on how busy he is and the value of the project. How far south are you going? Regards John

  3. Harry the Hornet says:

    If you’re short (no pun intended) of things to do today can you wash the golf cart – it’s filthy!

    1. Was going to but am taking it in for service soon and they wash it for me. Anyway I cannot reach the roof!

      1. Harry the Hornet says:

        Poor excuse. Get on Rose’s shoulders and you’ll reach!

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