“Get It Right Next Time” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up way too early yesterday morning at 3 am. Why? Well, I fell asleep on the sofa just before 10 pm the previous night. Not complaining though because I really do enjoy the quiet of that time of the morning. Just the wind rustling the palms and the sound of the ocean.

Gave me plenty of time to send ‘how are you’ emails to friends in the UK. And get responses back. I don’t want to go back there but it is nice to keep in touch and know what is going on.

Then spent a fair amount of time looking at tiles. We are going to deliberate quite a lot on tile selection because we are going to have to live with what we choose.

In between 9 to 11 am we showed two couples around the condo we are renting because it is up for sale and it is a condition of our rental agreement that access /viewing is available. This is not at all onerous though. The viewers – so far – have all been very polite.

After taking care of this Rose and I took our Kindles down to the loungers on the beach and ‘chilled out’ ( stupid expression really for a temperature that was in the high 90s) until it was time to go look at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

We got to the site in Tres Cocos around 3.15 pm and when driving on to the land could see that Edson was applying cement to the last of the exposed ‘blocks at the front of the house.



Starting off on the Ground Floor we could see that they had started chasing out the ‘blocks in the en-suite for the smaller of the two bedrooms for the shower.


A clean-up was also in progress by Alfredo who got busy with the broom and shovel in between ‘feeding’ the ‘mixer.


A much tidier kitchen/living room.


Alfredo with his ‘custom model’ broom in the ‘master bedroom’.

Up on the First Floor Nicholas was busy reducing the size of the southern veranda wall which had been built too high.


Just under an inch to come off.


Nicholas covering his nose and mouth with a ‘T’ shirt to keep out the dust.


And off he goes.

Around the other side of the house Angel was cutting away ‘block to increase the aperture for where the kitchen window will go.


View from the inside.


And the outside.


Note the improvised ‘chisel’. A bit of piping with a nail. It works though.

So, most of the action we had seen so far had been of a corrective nature. Bet that they get it right next time!

We couldn’t get up to the Second Floor because the scaffolding had been moved so we took a walk around the house in the hope that we could see what was going on up there. And, there was action.


Rear (lagoon side) of the house.


Eduardo applying cement to one of the cantilever beams.

Around the southern side of the house Nicholas, who by then had finished reducing the veranda wall to the correct size, was working with Martin to cover the underside of the Second Floor veranda with cement.


Seeing this we went back up to the First Floor.


Nicholas with hawk at the ready.


And Martin doing his stretching exercises!

Around the front of the house Porfelio was finishing off the veranda at the top of the stairs.


And Edson was applying the last of the cement to the exterior wall in the north-east corner.


At 4.45 pm it was nearly time for the guys to clean up their tools for the day so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

The headline is based on the 1979 single by Gerry Rafferty which reached number thirty in the UK Singles Chart and number twenty-one in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Alan Slater says:

    Hi John, have you thought of using those closet kits that you can buy on-line? That way, you can design the interior to any design imaginable. By the way, have you decided on an exterior colour for your home?
    Alan S.
    P.S. Did you catch the Man. United v Arsenal match? ( ‘tho I am a City fan. )

    1. Important things first Alan. The Arsenal game v Manchester United is this Sunday with a 9 am kick-off over here. Hope it doesn’t spoil my breakfast. Could really have done with your team beating Spurs last Sunday. As to the closets, we are going to design them ourselves – fortunately Rose is very good at this type of thing. If left to me then it would be a kit! As to the colour for the house, we are going for white with French Navy for the railings. Kind regards John

  2. sll says:

    Our home in Tres Cocos was finished in 2008. Here’s a “heads up”… pay very close attention when designing the interior of your closets. They have a very interesting but not very user friendly concept of shelves. Just a little thing in the scope of building but it still bugs me.

    1. Thanks very much for the tip. What exactly should we avoid ie what do they do with the shelves?

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