“I Like It, I Love It” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up way, way too early yesterday morning at 2.45 am. The consequence of going to bed too early the previous night at just after 10 pm. This after I had dozed off in the chair. I like to get up early but this is ridiculous. Message to self – stop going to sleep early at night!

Caught up with the UK and world news with The Times on-line and then set about taking care of administrative stuff. First off being an email to Atlantic International Bank Link requesting a bank draft for the sum of US$ 1,950 payable to the Belize Tourism Board so that I could make the final payment for acceptance in to the “”QRP”.

With acceptance for “QRP” I can now order a golf cart (I still have to get a Belize driver’s license and permission to import the vehicle but these should be mere formalities – hope that these are not “famous last words”) so next off was an email to Captain Sharks to place an order for the model/type of golf cart that Rose and I are going for. A Club Car XRT 850 (gas) with the ‘flip,flop’ seat.


Exactly the version we are ‘going’ for.

I have spent a lot of time looking to buy a cart in the States and shipping it to Ambergris Caye but after doing the cost analysis we have decided to pay slightly more and purchase from Captain Sharks. The price difference isn’t that great and we will have enough to do arranging and tracking the movement of our other stuff in to Belize.

After a few other emails it was time for breakfast and then a bit of time getting ‘stuck in to’ The Racketeer by John Grisham (good book by the way) and before I knew it I had an email from Atlantic International Bank Limited with a template letter for me to reproduce, print, sign and take to them for the bank draft to be produced.

Rose and I quickly took care of this and at 1.45 pm received a ‘phone call informing us it was ready for collection so off we set to the branch in Pescador Drive. With the bank draft in hand we then went to the Belize Tourism Board office in Barrier Reef Drive.



After handing in the bank draft and receiving receipts we were informed that we are now in the program. Our ID cards will be with us in around two to three weeks. I like it, I love it!

Feeling really pleased with ourselves we then set off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there around 3 pm to find that they were using the cement mixer that Daniel Camal , our building contractor, had bought from Matt King an ex neighbour (and fellow Brit) of ours because the one that they usually use was. ‘sick’.


“Remember this one Matt?”.

Outside the house the final forms for the entrance stairway were being fitted (the handrails will be fitted in a few weeks time).


In the en-suite bathroom of the ‘master bedroom’ in the self-contained apartment Sam had applied the second coat of cement to tidy up the column in the shower area.


And in the other bathroom he had ‘made good’ around the pipe work.


And he had started fitting the forms in place for the clerestory window in the ‘master bedroom’.


Up the stairs to the First Floor where we could see that Angel had been working in the area where the fitted wardrobe will be in the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


In the living room area Oscae and his colleague were finishing off applying cement to the walls where the stairs will eventually be fitted.



Really pleased (well Oscar is at least) that we decided to have windows at the top of the stairs (Second Floor).


“This window is really handy!”.

We couldn’t gain access to the Second Floor because Oscar was using the scaffolding that we normally use as ‘stairs’ so we went outside the house to see what was going on and found Nicholas busy at work fixing the forms in place at the base of the First Floor (northern) veranda wall.





Forms in place.

As we were leaving the guy was just starting to pour the forms for the base wall of the stairs.



The headline is based on the 1995 single by Tim McGraw which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart It also reached number one in the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart and was number twenty-five in the US Billboard Hot 100.

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  1. Grace Novotny says:

    John, Randy and I arrived in San Pedro yesterday and would love to meet if possible! We would like to pick your brain about your house as we plan to start building soon, maybe lunch. I know you said you had a busy week but if possible we would love to talk with you and Rose.

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