“I Love This Bar” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Yesterday evening when Rose and I were driving back from our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we ‘bumped’ in to Carlo Segura. Carlo is one half of the (deadly) duo that is opening a bar & restaurant on the opposite side of the road to TMM. I broke (sounds dramatic doesn’t it) this news exclusively with a ‘teaser’ in last Tuesday’s edition and followed this up with further information in last Wednesday’s edition. Yes, you read it here first!

We complimented Carlo on the speed of the build and how good it looked and he very kindly asked us if we would like to have a closer look and we accepted with pleasure.

It really is a very impressive layout. And all designed by Carlo (obviously with professional help for the plans that need to be submitted for approval to build). He appears to have thought of everything. And a bit more!

A covered seating area at ground level with ten picnic style tables. Great for eating a meal and having a drink while you watch and listen to whoever is performing on the stage that will be in the corner.


The seating area.

A dedicated barbecue area.


Nice and close to the kitchen.

A novel raised seating area that will enable customers to watch the Tropic Air and Maya Island Air flights take off and land.


Ernie Canelo in the ‘observatory stand’.

And the main building where the bar, store room, kitchen and restrooms will be.


Ernie standing roughly where the thirty-five seater bar will be (construction on this started today).


The kitchen. Note the large serving hatch.


The restrooms. Gents on the left, ladies on the right.

They have also provided for a large sized parking area and have plans to have a children’s play area.

Ernie will look after the bar and Carlo will have responsibility for the food and entertainment.

They are aiming to open Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill on 5 May but I have a funny feeling that it will open one day earlier for the Floyd Mayweather fight.

A bar that appears to have everything. I love this bar!


Oh, and the view from the ‘observatory stand’.

The opening cannot come soon enough for Carlo and Ernie. Me too for that matter.

But what about the other build, our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize? Well Rose and I spent some time in the morning finalising our decision on lighting and then focused on looking at the wood samples that Daniel Camal, our building contractor, had given to us. We made really good progress and now only have to choose for Rose’s bathroom and the bathroom on the First Floor.

Feeling pleased with our progress we set off for Tres Cocos and got to our site around 2.30 pm and started to head to the First Floor but could see that Sam was at work in the store room on the Ground Floor.


Sam working on the column.

We then headed up the stairs to the First Floor to find Porfelio working on the clerestory window.


In the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) Angel had finished applying cement to the area that will eventually be the closet in which Rose will keep the majority of her materials.


Note the handmade stepladder .

Out on the veranda Edson was cementing the cantilever beam.


Much cooler in the shade!

On the way up the scaffolding to get to the Second Floor I could see that Oscar had finished applying cement to the southern wall of the stairwell.


And when I got to the top of the scaffold I could see that he had started work on the Second Floor.


Out on the veranda Nicholas was working on the interior veranda wall on the northern side.


Getting his line


Checking that it is level.


After applying cement checking the tension.


And then the float.


Finally the feather edge .

Further down the wall in the north-east corner Martin was using a really small feather edge on the base for the railings.


He then set about fixing the boards that he would work to .



The headline is based on the single released in 2003 by Toby Keith which reached number twenty-six in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.


  1. tukituki says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product and sit and have a couple.

  2. kathi moore says:

    Wow, Carlo & Ernie’s place seems to to have really come along as well as yours. As more of the finishing cement work is being done it really is taking shape as your home.

    1. Hi Kathi, Carlo and Ernie appear to have thought of everything and Carlo has really pushed the build along. In the next couple of weeks our walls should get the final (smooth) coat of cement which is when I think like it will really start to look like it is nearing completion.

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