“Blinded by the Light” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Didn’t feel that there was anything really interesting to publish an edition about yesterday. That statement,of course, assumes that when I do publish an edition it is of interest!

A rather uneventful Sunday apart from watching Spurs drop two points with a draw against Everton. Disappointing that they only dropped the two points because at one stage it had looked like they were going to lose all three.

With the game ‘out of the way’ Rose and I then turned our attention (again) to browsing the Internet. This time to narrow down our selections for door furniture (doors and kitchen cabinets), fans and lights. Making a choice on lighting has been more challenging than we had imagined it would be.

One reason for this is that we hadn’t considered the lighting needs for the stairwell which, because of its design, for part of it will have a floor to ceiling height of over thirty feet. It was only when walking around the house on Saturday that the realisation of this came to us.

Our current thought (and I doubt that we will veer away from this) is to have pendant lights set at varying lengths. The challenge though will be to make sure that nobody is blinded by the light!

Today started off with much of the same. No, not watching Spurs drop two points (sorry to say) but trawling the Internet for house fittings. Slowly but surely though we are getting there and one by one we are crossing the various items off our list.

You (or me at least) can only spend so much time looking at light fittings and so it came as a more than welcome relief when Rose and I took the drive this afternoon to take a look at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Arriving there at around 2.30 pm we were once again ‘greeted’ by the sound of the concrete mixer in action and the happy face of Alfredo ‘feeding’ it.

We could see that one of the guys was working on the external stairs so while Rose went to look around the Ground Floor I walked around to the northern side of the house to find Martin and Nicholas fixing form boards in preparation for the next course of concrete for the external veranda wall of the First Floor.


If you look hard you can see Rose looking out of a window.

Further down the scaffolding was Rafael who was screeding the wall.


Knock-up the concrete.


And on it goes.

It wasn’t long before Nicholas demonstrated that he has no fear of heights


Climbing through the scaffolding.


And over the next one.


To the end of the scaffolding.


And nicely balanced to fix the form board in place.

Hearing noise I walked around to the back (lagoon side) of the house to see a pile of wood. They had started removing the acrows and forms from the Second Floor.


Much of this will be recycled and taken to the build that Daniel Camal, our building contractor, is working on not far from the Palapa Bar.

Looking up I could see that they were using the quickest route to ‘bring’ the wood down to ground level.


Ready to go.


And it’s on it’s way!

Realising that there was ‘action’ on the Second Floor I took the stairs to the First Floor and then climbed the scaffolding to find them busy at work.


Acrows in the Master Bedroom removed and only a few ceiling form boards to go.

Whilst up there I saw the simple, yet ingenious, way that they pass nails from one floor to another.


“Down they come”.


“Got them”.

I then wandered ( climbed the scaffold) down to the First Floor to see further pipes being fitted.


Pipe being cut to size.


And fixed in place.

Elsewhere on the floor Edson had begun ‘striking the lines’ in the Utility Room.



A walk to the front of the house and I could see three of the guys busy working away in the bedroom. Well, what is going to be Rose’s handicraft room. Obviously the guys know that Jose Mourinho is an imposter. Rose is really the ‘special one’!


There may only be two guys in the photo but believe me there were three of them working in THE room.

Walking down the external stairs I had to be careful not to get in the way of the guy pouring the concrete base for the handrails.


Before leaving our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize I wandered around to say goodbye to the the guys and am really pleased that I did. Had I not done so I wouldn’t have seen Nicholas and Rafael doing their impersonation of Siamese twins.


They were actually fixing a form board in place!

Feeling pleased once again with progress Rose and I made the drive south to our rented condo.

The headline is based on the song (written by Bruce Springsteen) by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number six in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Grace Novotny says:

    Hi John. We are visiting SP next week, arriving on 15th and leaving on the 22nd. We would still like to meet you and Rose and speak with you regarding building a house of our own. We own property on the west side of the island in Ambergrise Bay but it’ll be probably two to three years before we actually break ground.

    1. Hi Grace. Next week is a busy one . Two trips to Belize City and a lunch that I have asked to be organised. So difficult for me to agree to a date/time at the moment. Are you on email when you get here? Would say now though that building where you intend to build will be quite a lot different to building where we are. I am more than happy, though, to try and help if I can. Regards John

  2. Omie says:

    Your house looks to be shaping up nicely. My parents are from Corozal and we visited San Pedro last week. We were there for a week on vacation. We reside in Los Angeles. They’re thinking about building a house to retire in and this makes it seem plausible. Great blog.

    1. Thank you. We like the way it is starting to look too. If the blog helps your parents with their decision it will be great. Thanks also for the compliment. Appreciated.

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