“Rock and Roll” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

First of all apologies for the lateness of publishing today’s edition. Just couldn’t whip up the enthusiasm yesterday evening. But up this morning bright (well it was dark outside actually) and early and ready to ‘rock and roll’.

Spent the early part of yesterday morning (the game started at 8 am here) watching Arsenal in an away game against West Bromwich Albion. Dominating the game from the start ‘we’ went in to a two goal lead and looked to be heading for an easy three points. That is until ‘we’ gave away a penalty and the offending player was sent off. With determined (and at times lucky) defending Arsenal hung on to secure the win. Just need to stay there for the remainder of the season now to secure a Champions League place next season. “Come on you Gunners”.

Before bringing you up-to-date with progress on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize I need to say ‘thank you’ to two of the readers of this blog. The first ‘thank you’ goes to Robert (a fellow Brit living on Ambergris Caye) who correctly pointed out that the guys are currently rendering the walls and not plastering them. I knew I was wrong but for the life of me could not remember the correct term.

The second ‘thank you’ (sic) goes to Harry the Hornet (he used to be a friend of mine in England) for pointing out that I should have used the word ‘purposefully’ and not ‘purposely’ in yesterday’s edition. Wish I could say it was intentional!

Rose and I set off for Tres Cocos at around 2 pm and on the way there stopped off to buy some soft drinks for the guys. I took a guess and bought twenty bottles. One each for Rose and I and the remainder for the guys ( I guessed right because there were eighteen of them). Just over BZ$ 35 for the lot – a relatively inexpensive way of saying ‘thanks guys’.

On arrival at the site Alfredo took the bottles and handed them out and the guys took an impromptu (short) break. They deserved it!

Rose and I started off on the First Floor and could see that good progress on rendering the walls had been made.


Dining room area wall (northern side) rendered.


Angel in action rendering the kitchen wall.


Edson (in the foreground) putting the scaffolding in the hallway in place.


And then started to render.


‘Is that level?’


‘It will be now’.

A walk outside and we could see that the form boards for the base of the western (lagoon) side of the veranda had been removed to expose the concrete.


A walk to the front (eastern side) of the First Floor and we could see Oscar at work rendering the wall of the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


Rose is watching Oscar!

Close by we could see that the line had been set for where forms will be fixed to create the base for the handrails for the external staircase.



A close-up of the line.

With the line in place work had begun on making the form.


Pleased with what we had seen we climbed (we are getting quite expert now) the scaffold to the Second Floor and saw straight away that the forms for the base of the veranda walls had been removed there too.


North-east corner.


Western (lagoon) side.

Eric was rendering the veranda wall on the northern side.


The concrete mix for this course is really quite ‘heavy’ in water content.


Up on the roof was Eric’s father, Zapeda, so I climbed the scaffolding to see what he was doing.


Rendering the course of concrete blocks that form the small wall on the roof.

As we descended the house to leave we could see the guys busily cleaning their tools before they set off for a well deserved day off.


Angel cleaning up.

The headline is based on the single (it was the fourth track on the forth album) by Led Zeppelin which reached number forty-seven in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. tom e says:

    John, Have someone take pictures of you and Rose in the final build. They will be treasured someday.

  2. Alan Slater says:

    Hi John,
    will you be using the roof in the future, as extra space? By the way, up in the North of England, the cement or mortar that was placed over the bricks was called screed, so the wall was screeded, prior to the finish plaster being applied. Your house looks really terrific and I bet you can’t wait for moving in day. You will have to give every one a video showing for your open house. Can’t wait to see that!!!
    Alan S.

    1. Alan, thanks , screeding was the term I was grasping for. That is exactly how my Dad described it. Thanks for the complement re our house. We like the look of it. As to a video, I will probably stop the blog when we start to put our own stuff in there. Regards John

    2. Sorry Alan, should have a mentioned that we have no current plans to use the roof. It is constructed though to take extensions/expansion.

  3. Harry the Hornet says:

    Is Edson Mexican or does he just wear a Mexico football shirt because they are far better than Belize?

    1. A bit like Watford supporters (not you) wearing Spurs shirts!

  4. robert says:

    Everything on this island gets ‘plastered’ sometime or other !!!!

    1. Sorry to say that I have been plastered a few times since arriving here. But then again I managed that in England too!

  5. You are very kind…nothing makes me nuttier than grammatical corrections.

    1. To err is human, so the saying goes.

  6. robert says:

    Geez all that rendering has rendered me speechless !!!!

    1. Fortunately Robert they will soon be plastering!

  7. Andy says:

    You getting tired John? (which reached number which reached number forty-seven )

    1. Think watching Arsenal recently would drain anyone Andy!

    2. They released it twice !!!!

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