“Walking on the Chinese Wall” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Had a follow up visit to The Dental Center today to see Doctor Hernandez for further work on the dental implants I am having fitted. He comes to Belize City from Guatamala City once a month.

With a 10 am appointment I had time to grab a breakfast at Estel’s (the hearty ‘last’ breakfast) before catching the 8 am Caye Caulker Water Taxi that got me to Belize City by 9.40 and then a short taxi ride saw me arrive for my appointment on time.

The appointment lasted just over ninety minutes during which time Doctor Hernandez fitted five implants on to the screws that he fitted when I last saw him just over four months ago. For three of the implants he had to cut my gums to expose the previously fitted screws and then apply stitches (these will be removed by Doctor Pedro Habet when I visit him next Wednesday)to close the gums around the implant. Graphic enough for you ?

One thing is for sure and that is that when I left The Dental Center my mouth was feeling decidedly sore. Not so sore though that it prevented me from visiting Brodies (in Albert Street) to pick up some provisions that are either not available on Ambergris Caye or are very pricey. With the shopping done I walked to the Caye Caulker Water Taxi terminal and, after waiting for around 60 minutes, got the 1.30 pm ‘Taxi to San Pedro.

The boat docked at 3.20 pm and Rose was there to meet me so that we could take the stuff that I had bought back to our rented condo (some of it needed to go in to the refrigerator). This didn’t take too long and we headed off to Tres Cocos to look at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On arrival we could hear and see that the two concrete mixers were in operation.


Roadside ‘mixer in action.


And the one near the house.

There was lots of concrete being mixed but nothing going on in the house. A quick walk around the house and we could see why. The guys had finished installing the rebar frames and forms for the sea wall and were pouring the concrete for it.


Northern ‘arm’ of the sea wall poured.

With such distances to cover from the ‘mixers to the pour – around three hundred feet from the roadside ‘mixer – there were six guys on wheelbarrow duty. I have mentioned it before but the strength and fitness of these guys continues to amaze me.


One going for a refill and one going to the pour.


The final walk to the pour for the southern ‘arm’ of the sea wall.


And then the long walk back to the ‘mixers.

Zapeda was controlling things for the southern ‘arm’ of the sea wall.


“Come on guys”.


The southern ‘arm’ of the sea wall ready to be poured.


And the wheelbarrows keep turning up.




And the youngest of the guys, Apollito, all fourteen and half years of him!

The size of the sea wall looks so large even though it is only seventy-five feet wide. It’s going to be a bit like walking on the Chinese Wall when it is finished!

Around the front of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize the ‘mixer teams continued to keep the concrete coming.


“Now which bag shall I go for next?”


The second youngest guy (do not know his name yet – the challenge for today) with two buckets of sand. In the background is Rafael (in the ‘sun hat ), aka ‘the Frog’, entertaining the guys with an impromptu dance.

Daniel Camal, our building contractor, turned up with much needed supplies of shingle.



And the unloading begins.

Rose and I didn’t wait for pouring to be completed because Zapeda – in his broken English – had informed me that it would not be finished until around 7 pm but instead headed off home really satisfied with another day of good progress on our house.

On the way home we saw the continuing progress of the bar and restaurant I mentioned in yesterday’s edition. It takes shape by the day and I understand will be open for business sometime early next month.


It’s a joint venture by Ernie the head barman at BC’s and Carlo who used to work there and will be called “Carlo and Ernie’s”. They are both great guys and I wish them every success with their new venture.

The headline is based on the 1985 single by Phil Bailey which reached number forty-six in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. kathi moore says:

    I felt sorry for your crew yesterday having to dig in the mud for the sea wall but they have made good progress. And I see that a lot has been happening for the new restaurant & bar. As you said,good luck to them both.

    1. They do work fast Kathi but I have to admit that I used a bit of creative license. Some of the shots of the sea wall in yesterday’s edition were taken before the Easter break.

  2. Tom J says:

    darn it John, I left the house with my teeth hurting big time….and there is nothing wrong with them.
    Best wishes from Montana!

    1. Think positive Tom. At least you left the house with your teeth!

  3. cynthiatree says:

    Will we be able to see your seawall from outer space?

    1. Depends how high you are Cynthia!

      1. cynthiatree says:

        Good one!

  4. cynthiatree says:

    YIKES ! regarding the dentist! I need an implant myself, and must get up the nerve. … I do have a question about the sea wall. I’ve seen them along certain beaches before, but not on a private residence. Does this seawall go all around your home — like a fence? Or does it just face the ocean side? Is it mainly to protect against storms?

    1. Hi Cynthia. If you have seen them on the beach it is because a resort or a private residence owner has had one installed. It is not like a fence. We are having it installed for two reasons. The first is that when there is a high tide it will hopefully prevent the lower end of our garden being flooded. The second reason is for if we get a boat. Regards John

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