“Running in the Family” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Got up early and recommenced my review of a contract for a friend. Nearing the home straight on this I took a breather by looking (very fortunately as it transpired) at the Ambergris Caye Forum to learn that there was a planned power outage ( for power equipment replacement ) between 9 am to 1 pm. Bang went my plan to have a final review of the contract whilst eating a late breakfast at Estel’s.

Picked up on the loss of power though in good enough time for Rose ( ably (???) assisted by me) to rustle up breakfast before we lost the power. The power loss also took out the Internet so we very quickly moved to Plan B and ‘retired’ to the beach for a little bit of Kindle.

The power came back earlier than scheduled at around 11.45 am but we stayed on the beach for another 30 minutes and I resumed my review of the contract until I finished it around 2.30 pm when it was time for our visit to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

When we got there both ‘mixers were in operation. Not using the mix in the same volumes as for the concrete pours but the guys are still using a hell of a lot of it.


Alfredo taking a bucket of sand to ‘feed’ the roadside ‘mixer.


The youngest member of the team filling a bucket from the ‘mixer near the house.


And using the pulley to hoist the bucket to the First Floor.

Where Angel was working in the utility room.


Utility room walls get their first coat of cement



Angel had gone to get a replacement bucket of cement.

The guys were applying cement to walls -inside and out – all over the house.


First Floor southern exterior wall.


Columns in the ‘open’ area of the Ground Floor.


Ground level western exterior wall.

On the Second Floor the father and son team of Zapeda (Dad) and Eric ( Son) were working together to plaster the northern exterior wall. What you might call building work running in the family.


Inside the house we could see that work had commenced on chasing the walls for the cabling for electricity.


And they had cut the holes for the pipes for the toilets and showers.


Hole cut for my shower.

A walk outside and there was Edson plastering the eastern wall of the First Floor.


Load it on to the hawk.

<a href="http://abelizehomeforus.


And ready to go.

The headline is based on the 1987 single by Level 42 which reached number six in the UK Singles Chart and also the title track of the album released in the same year which reached number two in the UK Albums Chart. For readers from the States it reached number twenty-three in the US Billboard 200.

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