“My Kind Of Guy” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I spent much of yesterday morning reviewing a contract for a friend in England. Funnily enough it is a contract that I worked on before Rose and I left England last May and it wasn’t long before I was ‘back in the groove’. I made a good start on it and will finish it off today so that my friend has my observations for the start of his day on Thursday.

I had planned my review time of the contract so that I would be able to watch the Montenegro v England 2014 World Cup Group H qualification game which kicked off at 2 pm our time. It was a bit like watching Arsenal ! Not as pretty football( yes, I am biased) but we totally dominated the first half and should have had the game ‘in the bag’ before half time. Inexplicably though we came out as a completely different team in the second half and only managed to scramble a one all draw. We can still make the finals in Brazil next year but we are making it more difficult than it should be.

Needing a pick-me-up Rose and I headed off to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to see what the guys were working on for our new home.

When parking the golf cart we could hear the sound of two, not one, cement mixers going. Always a good sign (sound) for us. There’s something about concrete or cement. It’s tangible. You can see the finished product.

Unusually so for us we decided to walk around to the rear of the house (the lagoon side) to see what was going on (when approaching the house we had seen buckets being taken there) and were really pleased to see that plaster was being applied to the exterior walls.

Eric was working on the wall beneath the bedroom on the Ground Floor.



Nearly finished.

Whilst Eric was working on the veranda wall Martin, who we understand from Daniel Camal, our building contractor, is one the better plasterers amongst the guys , was working on the much larger section of the Ground Floor rear wall.



It’s only the first (rough) coat of plaster but it is so good to start to see the concrete blocks being covered.

More than satisfied with what was going on at ground level we made our way up the stairs to the First Floor to see straight away that concrete had been poured in to the remaining forms required to complete the veranda walls.


Form poured for the south-east veranda wall.


And for the southern veranda wall.

A walk through the hallway to the veranda overlooking the lagoon and we could see Angel and Oscar at work plastering the external walls.


Angel about to apply the plaster.


Oscar loading his hawk.

Inside a new guy was removing the form work above the kitchen window.


The forms really take some removing.

Within minutes of it being removed though Edson was in the other guy’s place plastering where the form board had been.



A walk through the First Floor and we could see the other work that had been carried out.


Start of the pipe work in the utility (my) room.


Rebar in place for the low wall that will ‘hold’ the railings for the First Floor entrance veranda.


And for the western (lagoon side) veranda.

It was getting close to 5 pm so we made our way down the stairs and because the guys were getting ready to pack up for the day we were able to take a peek at what Nicholas and Sam had been doing in the pump room.



Walls and ceiling plastered.

When we got outside the house we looked up and could see that they had completed laying the single course of ‘blocks on the roof.


Western side.


Northern side.

I have mentioned many times how much admiration (or is it envy?) I have for how fit the guys are. Well as we were leaving our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize yesterday we got another illustration of this . I offered Angel a lift in to town (letting him know that he could place his bike at the rear of the golf cart). He politely refused and explained that he was cycling up to Captain Morgan’s to meet his wife (she works there) so that she wouldn’t have to cycle home alone in the dark. This from a guy who had cycled to work from his home in the DFC area and then worked hard all day. My kind of guy.

The headline is based on the song by the Kaiser Chiefs which was track eight on their 2007 album “Yours Truly, Angry Mob”.


  1. Joe says:

    Hope you pick a nice Belizean color to paint the exterior of your house. I see way too many in your backgound pics that are just white.

    1. Got to disappoint you Joe. It is going to be white.

  2. cynthiatree says:

    Hello John! Really, really enjoyed hearing about Angel and how he bicycles to meet his wife. My kind of guy too. Uplifting. Thanks so much, Cynthia

    1. You are welcome Cynthia.

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