“Almost There” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Enjoyed a really lazy morning yesterday on the beach in front of the condo we are renting . Time to reacquaint the skin with the sun and my eyes and brain with a book that I must have started reading at least a month ago.

At 12.45 pm Rose and I went to pick up Kathi and Les, two friends that we first got to meet here on Ambergris Caye two years ago when we all on holiday. Kathi and Les are both originally from the UK but have lived in Canada for years and are here for a month long holiday and wanted to have a look at our build. So, we picked them up from their hotel and took them up to Tres Cocos and gave them a tour.

After dropping them back at their hotel it was a quick turn-around for Rose and I to head back to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize for our 3 pm meeting with Daniel Camal our building contractor.

We got there slightly early which gave me time to clamber up the scaffold ( I am getting quite good at it now and am starting to wonder if I missed my vocation in life!) to have a look at what the guys were doing on the roof.

I should explain that if some of the photos look slightly weird it is because I never actually got on to the roof. I sat perched on the scaffold beside the roof.


Finishing off the forms on the eastern (front) side of the house.


Tying the rebar together on the northern side of the roof.


Form board for the western (lagoon) side of the roof on its way up.




It’s there.

Whilst the rebar was being fixed together some of the guys were finishing off fitting the pipes for the electric.


Nicholas bending the pipe to the right shape.

Below me on the First Floor I could see a couple of the guys busy at work assembling the final rebar frame for the roof.



A close-up of the frame (in the background is the scaffold frame I perched on for the rooftop photos).

With all of the finishing work going on I could see that it was almost there for the big pour.

From my position I could see that Daniel had arrived and I skilfully (sic) clambered down the scaffold to join Rose and him for our on-site meeting. A meeting which enabled us to get answers to questions that will now enable Rose and I to make our final decisions in respect of cabinetry, shelving, tiling and lighting.

Now that I have finished this edition (4 am Saturday) it is time for a shower and shave before I head off for a quick breakfast at Estel’s and then up to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to watch the concrete pour (the last major pour for the house) for the roof. All the action in tomorrow’s edition (OK so a few photos).

The headline is based on the 1964 song by Andy Williams which although it only reached number sixty-four in the US Billboard Hot 100 reached number two in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. cynthiatree says:

    Did you and Rose shop for other things like tile, cabinets, lighting, while you were in Texas? I know you shopped for the golf cart. ANYWAY, the build is going amazingly — what fun to watch this dream come true! Backing up a few: LOVED the ironed pillowcase. Do my own about twice a year. Shamefully lazy me. I suspect that those mugs of coffee are a key to your success? Best of all good things to you, Rose, and of course, the Mystery Blogger.

    1. Hi Cynthia. We did look at cabinets in Texas but only for ideas. Daniel, our builder, started out as a wood shop so has his own craftsmen for this . We did look at lights (and showers and faucets for that matter) and have one visit to Belize City to make comparisons before we make our choice. Kind regards John

  2. MARY says:

    Omg you are nearly there,The end is in sight,Love to you both ,Mary and Dave xxxxxx

    1. Not really Mary, still 4 months to go before it should be finished. But at least we can walk around the rooms now on the Ground and First floors without dodging poles. Hope you are both well. Regards John

  3. Matt King says:

    Did you watch the match, I never did. So uninterested I actually thought it was on Today as Belize vs Trinidad aka The SocaWarriors. Kenwyn Jones is playing and there was rumours that Justin Hoyte was to make an appearance. Tuesday will be a bigger test

    Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 09:58:44 +0000 To: mattking0504@hotmail.com

    1. Didn’t watch it Matt. To be honest I forgot it was on. Next week’s game on Tuesday will be a sterner test. That one I will watch. Think that lunch is on me at Pedro’s!

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