“You’ve Got a Friend” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up early again this morning but just after 5 am (must be slipping). Coffee, The Times and then ready to do battle with the iron on the second laundry wash. Early morning is definitely the best time of the day to get the ironing out of the way. Only two washes to go now and we are up-to-date!

Then a little time catching up on my In Box where I was really pleased to find that my Pension Statement had arrived from one of my previous employers. Next job was to send a copy of this to the Belize Tourism Board for my QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) application.

With our respective tasks out of the way Rose and I headed to Estel’s (haven’t been there for over two weeks) for breakfast. We deserved it!

We then split up. Rose to go and buy groceries and me to Atlantic Bank to make a cash withdrawal (don’t like queuing but you avoid the three percent charge levied when you use the ATM) and pay the electricity bill.

Just got home when we received a call from Peter Lawrence (Pedro’s Hotel) inviting us to lunch. When you get calls like that you know you’ve got a friend.

It wasn’t that long before lunch that we had eaten breakfast but we found room for the lovely meal of roast lamb, roast potatoes, cabbage, sweet corn, peas and a wonderful mint sauce (courtesy of Byron).

After giving our thanks for a great lunch it was time for Rose and I to head off to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and we got there around 3.20 pm to the sound of hammers and electric saws. Some of the guys were working on removing form boards from the First Floor whilst the rest of them were fixing forms and the acrows for them on the Second Floor.


Rebar frame in place over the sliding door for the Master Bedroom.


Struts being fitted to support the roof form boards.


Alfredo on the First Floor preparing base form boards for the roof.


Angel fixing a form board around the rebar frame overlooking the stairwell.


Porfelio and Martin fixing acrows in place for the roof of the western (lagoon) side veranda.


Nicholas hammering a form in place for the roof above my walk-in closet.

All the while the rest of the guys were busy clearing the rooms on the First and Second Floors of rubbish.


Zapeda’s son (don’t know his name yet) using the quickest route for disposal. Me nonchalantly looking on.

On the way out of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we noticed that the rebar frames had been fitted on the veranda walls on the First Floor.


Frame in place on northern side veranda wall.


Frame in place on eastern veranda wall.

We left just as the guys were packing up for the day.


Guys heading for home. Another great day ‘at the office’!

The headline is based on the song by James Taylor which was released as a single in 1971. It reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Emily says:

    There needs to be a “like” button on comments like on Facebook. Too funny!

    1. Intrigued Emily. Which bit did you find funny?

  2. Harry the Hornet says:

    Some may prefer the Carole King version – particularly as she wrote it.

    1. I know who wrote it. It’s my blog so I can choose the version I like. Have a nice day now!

      1. Harry the Hornet says:

        With that type of attitude I am boycotting your blog for two days. I am having a nice day no thanks to you.

      2. Was going to do a ‘Kelvin Mackenzie’ and ban you anyway!

      3. Harry the Hornet says:

        Too slow (no change there then)!

      4. Show some respect for your elders!

      5. Harry the Hornet says:

        Betters yes but elders only if deserved. Therefore you’re out of luck. 23:30 in Cape Town so goodnight.

  3. James Taylor swoon :0) my hero

    1. I know and that’s why I went for it.

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