“I Like It,I Love It” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

No photographs on Sunday from Daniel Camal, our building contractor, so I decided not to publish an edition. Had I done it would have been Dallas centric and a ‘blog lite’ version. I would have found it boring to write and you would have found it even more boring to read. So a very easy decision.

Up really early yesterday morning at 1.30 am (had a wake -up call booked for 1.45 am but didn’t need it) to get ready for our 5.15 am flight from Dallas to Houston. Picked up by the bus on time, on schedule take-off and landing.

Everything had gone to plan and we had plenty of time for breakfast (no comparison with Estel’s) prior to catching the 8.47 am flight to Philip Goldson International Airport. But then we were advised that the aircraft had gone ‘technical’ (a word used to cover all types of problems) and the departure would be delayed. Then told we had to switch departure gates from E zone to C (good workout!).

Eventually we took off one hour late and landed in Belize at 11.05 am (hour ‘gained’ because of the time difference). It was going to be extremely tight for us to connect with the Tropic Air flight to Ambergris Caye departing at 11.40 am.

Whatever chance we had of doing so appeared to ‘go out of the window’ when we were told to have all of our bags ( two suitcases and a carry-on bag each) checked by Customs. Would this be shades of Midnight Express?

The Customs’ man seemed to take an age but we managed to connect with the flight (Tropic Air delayed it by 15 minutes – how considerate) and got back home to Ambergris Caye at noon. Picked up the keys to our golf cart from the Tropic Air desk (left there by our friend who had looked after the cart for us) and were home by 12.15 pm when we bumped in to Willie (who works at the Road Kill Bar) who helped us carry our bags to our condo. Good old Willie!

A quick hello to our friends Jane and Brian (who had stayed in our condo whilst we were away) before they set off to spend their last couple of days (doubt it will be the last days they spend in Belize though) on Caye Caulker.

With Jane and Brian gone, Rose and I quickly unpacked our bags, showered and dressed and then went to get a monthly Bridge Pass (BZ$ 150) at the San Pedro Town Council offices in Barrier Reef Drive . And after being away for two weeks we were ready to go take a look at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I was still locking the golf cart when I heard Rose exclaim “I Like It, I Love It” to Daniel who was there to greet her with a hug. Rose had seen the front of the house and the area cleared and filled in front of it.


Not being able to contain ourselves we asked Daniel if it was OK for us to go up on to the Second Floor and he very quickly rearranged the scaffolding so that Rose could use it like a ladder.

<a href="https://abelizehomeforus.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/20130319-061422.


Rose, a picture of concentration and determination.


It worked. She’s up there!

I very quickly climbed the scaffolding to join her for a close up view of what had been going on whilst we were away.


Master Bedroom walls at their finished height.


Walls finished for where the sink in my bathroom (wet room) will go.


The shower area for my bathroom.

The guys are now putting the rebar in place for the beams of the roof. The final big pour for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize which will be carried out in one go i.e. they will pour the beams and the roof at the same time.


Zapeda and Nicholas busy fixing the rebar in place.


Martin working alone on the veranda on the western (lagoon) side of the house.

With all of the walls finished we are now able to see exactly what space there will be for roof terracing on the Second Floor.


Roof terrace area on the northern side.

I will include photos of the other roof terrace areas in tomorrow’s edition.

With the land in front of the house now cleared and filled it looks so much bigger (and tidier).


View from the eastern veranda of the Second Floor.

And to finish off this edition a couple of photos of the exterior of the house as it looks now.


Northern side.


Western side.


Southern side.

The headline is based on the 1995 single by Tim McGraw which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


  1. Jon Dyer says:

    Hi John and Rose,
    Wow! It is looking great. I bet you can’t wait until it is finished now. I am sure you miss London so much………………not! It hasn’t been above 4 degrees for about 2 weeks. Still working for myself but finding it a bit tough. Townley just got back from Cape Town. I moved to Chislehurst 4 weeks ago with Jill.
    Almost time for to buy some paint !!
    Jon D

    1. And hi to Jill and you too Jon. We are very pleased with the way things are progressing – we can see the home (excuse the pun) straight now. No painting for me . Gardening yes but a definite NO for painting. Do not miss London one little bit but would like to have been closer for your Stag and marriage. Keep plugging away I am sure that the work situation will turn around. Best John and Rose

  2. robert vernon says:

    Maybe we should open a Steakhouse , just need someone to put up the stake

    1. Think you are talking a load of bull!

  3. Jane says:

    Fabulous! I hope the trip was successful. Welcome “home.”

    1. Thank you Jane, it was. But it is really good to be home.

  4. robert vernon says:

    Welcome home you two, the house is really taking shape. Hope you managed to get everything you needed in Tx did you bring a steer home im dying for a

    1. Thank you Robert. Good to be home. We bought a steer but not as a ‘take-away’. We ate it there!

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