“What’s Going On” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

First things first. No edition on Wednesday so apologies for its absence. I had been slightly off colour for the last few days. Dry, then cracked, lips. Runny nose (sorry for the vivid description). Temperature going up.

Tuesday afternoon it really started to take a hold. Aching limbs. Hot then cold.I felt really quite rough. This was shortly after I had gone for a US$ 15.50 ‘cut and shampoo’ at a local Walmart. For a while I wondered if I was suffering from the Samson effect but no, this was the real thing not an attack of man flu. So early to bed for me. No hitting Sixth Street.

A really good night’s sleep allowed me to ‘sweat it out’ and I woke up feeling so much better and ready for the short drive (around 80 miles) to San Antonio.

On arrival I took a couple of the tablets (flu and cold relief) that Rose insisted I take and had a couple of hours sleep (had I been able to get the Bayern Munich v Arsenal game on TV I would have watched that) and woke up feeling so much better and ready for a visit to San Antonio’s Riverwalk District.

We caught the bus (masquerading as a trolley bus) for US$ 1.20 each to the County Court House and then walked a very short distance to the Riverwalk.


The impressive County Court House.

After a walk along the river we went for a meal and when it was time to pay up and leave we were amazed to find that a bottle of Corona Extra only cost US$ 2. Less than a bottle of Belikin Regular in most of the bars on Ambergris Caye! Result.

Feeling not too good was not the only reason for not publishing an edition on Tuesday. The other reason was that I had not received an update from Daniel Camal, our building contractor. Although I was feeling the worse for wear I sent him an email asking ‘what’s going on with our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize‘. He responded,as always, very quickly with a load of photos.

So, if you’ve got the photos, what’s going on I hear you ask.

Lots as the following photographs will show.


Northern veranda wall nearly finished.


Northern (exterior) wall of the Master Bedroom.


Southern wall of the stairwell.


Plastering continues on the Ground Floor. This time it is Anhill applying the plaster.

The Ground Floor is starting to look much tidier now.



View of the stairwell from the northern side.


Work progresses on the Master Bedroom.


And my walk-in closet and bathroom.

They have also started some preparatory work on the sea wall for the end of the garden.


The pilings surrounded by the water from the recent rain.

Things are so much better now that my twenty-four hour flu has gone and we know what’s gong on with our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The headline is based on the song by Marvin Gaye which was released in 1971 and reached number two in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. marsa hightower says:

    Likely your illness had more to do with mountain juniper pollen than the flu. The juniper is non-native, and the symptoms you describe sound just like that insidious juniper allergy, which is rampant at this time of year. Been there – done that, as it were. Over the counter Zyrtec is the best, but sounds as if you have it under control! San Antonio is my favorite TX town.

    1. Whatever it was that made me feel rough is going away Marsa. Today I felt much better and the nearly nine mile walk Rose and I did is, I suppose, testimony to this. We really like San Antonio too and now wish that we had booked another day here. Regards John

  2. Jane says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, John. Nothing worse than getting sick in a “foreign country!”

    1. Thanks Jane. I think it is wearing jeans instead of shorts! Mustn’t complain though because (hope I am not tempting providence) I am rarely sick. Regards John

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