“Taking Liberties” in Ambergris Caye,Belize.

Spent the early part of the morning assembling the stuff -clothes,toiletries, chargers,notepad, etc for the trip to Dallas that we are making. Not taking a lot with me so didn’t take too long to pull it together.

With the packing virtually finished – just a few items to put in to the case before we leave – we (if I haven’t mentioned it before, Rose is an Arsenal fan too) settled down to watch the Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) game versus Arsenal. Regret to say that Arsenal weren’t really in it and lost two goals to one. It’s going to a mammoth challenge for us now to achieve forth place and qualify for next season’s Champions League.

In a somewhat dejected mood we needed a pick-me-up so decided to go have a look at the finished concrete pour for the Second Floor of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there around 3 pm.

With nobody else on the site it was very quick and easy to access the scaffolding and climb up to the top floor where the concrete was curing nicely.


View from the south-eastern corner.


View from the southern corner.


Looking east.


Looking south.


Looking south-east from the north-west corner.


Looking south-east from the north-east corner.

The rebar rods that you can see define where the master bedroom and walk-in closets leading to the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bathrooms will be constructed.

As I mentioned in a previous edition, our friends Jane and Brian are staying in the condo we are renting whilst we are away and during the last couple of days we have given them a whistle stop tour of the shops to get the things they may need during their stay. This hopefully will make things a little easier for them.

Oh, I meant to mention in yesterday’s edition that when we got to our build yesterday afternoon there were a couple of tourists on our land happily snapping away with a camera. I went up to the one closest to us – the other one (with the camera) had really advanced on to the land to within fifteen yards of the house- and asked him what he thought he was doing. “We are in construction” he replied ” and am interested in the building techniques here”. I asked him did he not think it impolite to just wander on to someone’s land and he informed me that they had asked one of the guys whether it would be OK and had been told that it was.

Well as far as we are concerned although the build isn’t finished yet it is our house. And you don’t just go look at someone’s house without asking permission from the owners. Anything less than this is just taking liberties.

We have not laid down any rules for the guys on the site. In fact Daniel Camal, our building contractor, has told us that we are a lot more relaxed than many of the people he has constructed for. But given the experience of yesterday we have introduced the only rule to apply which is that there are to be no visitors to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize unless they are accompanied by either Rose and I, or both of us.

The headline is based on the title of the album released in 1980 by Elvis Costello which reached number twenty-eight in the US Billboard Pop Albums chart.


  1. Steve Martin says:

    John, I look forward to opening your blog every morning to see the latest developments with your project. I was shocked by your comments about the tourists. Especially since they asked permission from the construction worker before entering the property. Someone who puts all of their construction project on the internet for ALL to see should understand that people are curious about a new project going up and want to see how it is going together. How about NO TRESPASSING signs?

    1. Steve, pleased that you look forward to reading every edition of my blog. Really sorry that you were shocked by my comments about the tourists going on to our property. Could have understood you being surprised but shocked, no.
      I know I ‘put it out there’ for all to see. I also know they asked permission of the workers if they could go walk around. Just something I would not do without seeking permission of the owners. Not the workers. But then maybe I am just old fashioned.
      Hope this incident doesn’t stop you reading the blog. Regards John

  2. Tom J says:

    All the visitor needs to do is go to your blog and copy away….
    Best wishes from Montana….where it is really cold. None of that complaining about 65 degrees f being cold here.

    1. My point of view too Tom. Not moaning (too much anyway) about the cold. Regards John

  3. Emily says:

    Looks like things are coming along nicely! I hope no one ever decides to build a resort or taller house on the ocean-front lot across the road from you, or you will lose that great view. Of course, your lagoon view, which is also nice, will always be there.

    1. Obviously so do we Emily. The fact that it is three or four lots owned by different people might make it more difficult for a purchaser. The fact that they are circa US$ 300k per lot might also frighten off some would-be buyers. But, as you say, the lagoon view should always be there.

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