“Boat Drinks” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Apologies to regular readers that there was no edition yesterday.

With no work on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize there wasn’t anything obvious to feature and rather than produce an edition just for the sake of it I decided, as publisher, not ” to publish and be damned” ( OK I know it was the Duke of Wellington -and not a publisher- that made this statement). I did ponder whether I should do a ‘heres where we started and heres where we are now’ edition’. Decided against it because regular readers have seen it all before. And , its all in the archives anyway. You’ve got to have editorial standards haven’t you ( apologies if I am getting a little carried away with myself -shades of Randolph Hearst/Rupert Murdoch creeping in?).

Did spend a fair amount of time yesterday preparing for the weekly meeting with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, that we deferred from last Friday (because of the preparations for the concrete pour on Saturday), until today.

After that had been taken care of I spent a couple of hours driving around the island – north and south of the bridge – looking at the types of fences that people have had erected. We need to decide on two types of fence. One for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and the other for our lots in San Pablo (to hopefully keep them clear of rubbish).

Anyway, enough of what I did yesterday and why there wasn’t an edition on Monday and on to what has gone on at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize today.

Got to the site around 2.15 pm after spending the prior time taking care of odd jobs. On pulling into our land I noticed that Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant and Bar had fixed a boat on the exterior fence that definitely attracts attention.


Boat (and) drinks (you can see our build in the background).

On the approach to the house it was immediately evident that the forms had been removed from the beams that had been poured on Saturday.


Forms removed from the beams that will support the veranda on the eastern side of the house.


Forms removed from the beams that will support the veranda on the southern side of the house.

A walk up the stairs to the First Floor revealed that they had made a good start on putting the forms in place for the ceiling of the First Floor/floor of the Second Floor.


Forms in place in the utility room.


And the dining area.

While the guys on the First Floor were busy at work fitting the forms work was going on at ground level preparing the rebar (apologies to readers who have a phobia about rebar).


Put your back into it!


And away you go.

They had also placed the piping ready for use.


They had also put a good supply of plywood at ground level ready for the next area to have the forms fitted .


When the guys took their afternoon break I wondered if the boards had been placed there for forms or for the rest period?


Not as good as a hammock but…

Now that the house is taking shape it is attracting the attention of the local building supply merchants and while I was there we were visited by a guy from a paint supplier and the new island based representative from Benny’s Homecenter.


Paint supplier representative leaving the site.

The guys are also cleaning up the Ground Floor in preparation for the plastering of the internal walls.


The store room nearly ready.

At our meeting with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, at 5 pm he confirmed that the target is to pour the concrete for the ceiling of the First Floor/floor of the Second Floor on Saturday. Can’t wait!

The headline is based on the song by Jimmy Buffett which was released in 1979 as the ‘B’ side to the single entitled “Survive”. Although not a hit, “Boat Drinks” is one of his most popular songs.


  1. Anton says:

    Thank`s John for your reply. Don`t wast your time with the portuguese league, is not for everyone (.Forgive my spelling in advance, english is my third ideoma .)

    1. OK Anton. Got enough with the Premier League and La Liga.

  2. Laurie The Cruisin Camper says:

    Looking forward to seeing the texture going on.

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