‘Up For Breakfast’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Delayed reading The Times until I got to Estel’s (Dine by the Sea to give its full name) for a late,late (especially as I was out of bed and up for breakfast by 4.30 pm) breakfast at 10.30 pm. Decadent living ! Well, at least decadent for me.

Don’t think I have mentioned it before but I read The Times for a few reasons. I like the newspaper (and its sister title The Sunday Times too for that matter). The subscription is relatively inexpensive at the equivalent of approximately BZ$24 per month. And I want the owner of the newspaper- News International – to make money because in a few years time I will draw my News International pension. So am making some belated pension contributions!

Anyway, back to my breakfast. At BZ$15 you get a great selection to make your choice of four items from. And for a further BZ$2.50 you get unlimited coffee ( it may not be truly unlimited but I always have to call a halt because if not they just keep refilling the mug).

Having been a reader of other blogs for a while it appears that it is de rigueur to include a photo of your meal. So here it is.


Not a meal to get a thumbs-up from a dietician but it went down well for me.

Anyway, enough of culinary corner and on to the reason for this blog – our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On the way there Rose and I went to see Daniel Camal, the building contractor for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize, to tell him that we would like to defer the meeting we had scheduled for 5 pm until Monday. When with him he told us that on Saturday the concrete pour for the Second Floor beams will take place. With this good news we set off to visit our land in Tres Cocos.

We arrived there around 2.15 pm with the belief, given what Daniel had told us, that there would be a lot of activity going on. We were not disappointed.

On arrival we saw that a lorry was delivering a fresh supply of cement.


Ready for the pour.

It wasn’t long before they had off-loaded and were on their way.


Heading back to the depot for another load.

Once up on the First Floor Rose and I saw straight away the effort that was being made to get the necessary forms in place for the pour.


Erecting the scaffold to finish the forms on the eastern side of the house.


Martin getting the board into position.


And the nails go in.

Simultaneously work was going on to finish the forms on the western (lagoon) side of the house.


Not the best seat in the house.

And the two youngest members of the team were focusing on completing the forms over the kitchen area.


Look too young to be at work don’t they.

A walk around to the veranda on the northern side and we could see that work had commenced there.


Nicholas busy at work.

At the front of the house Anhill was making the forms for the Second Floor veranda.


I couldn’t get much closer.

Rose and I left when the guys stopped work to take their afternoon break and as we were leaving we noticed that Daniel is now having the bodega locked during the day as well as the night. This follows the visit by someone on a golf cart on Wednesday who had no apparent reason to be on the site and made no attempt to speak to anyone. Very suspicious.


Better to be safe than sorry!

As we were about to get in the golf cart we saw some of the guys returning with coconuts freshly picked for their break.


Reminiscent of a famous ‘Beatles photograph taken in Abbey Road many years ago.

As we pulled away we looked up to see the two youngest members of the team taking their break.


You would never think that they are twenty-five feet plus above the ground.

See tomorrow’s edition for plenty of action packed photos of the build. Exciting, isn’t it.

The headline is based on the the third track of disc one of the 2004 greatest hits album ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ by Van Halen. The album reached number three in the US Billboard 200 and number fifteen in the UK Albums Chart.

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  1. Great blog. I liked the Abbey Road reference…..

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