‘Tell it Like it is’ in Ambergris Cate, Belize.

Back to normal today. On the veranda with my cup of coffee just after 4.30 am. Much better because I really do not like sleeping in. Only do so when the body -for whatever reason – tells me that I need to do so. And yesterday – if you read the previous edition – was one of those days.

A few editions ago a reader of this blog asked if I could include a map that gives a better idea of exactly where our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize is. Well, I have had a rummage ( yes, I know, not the correct word to describe trawling over the Internet) and have had an attempt at meeting the request. Not the best bit of work is it? I am just saying what you are probably thinking but I think you have to tell it like it is.


The area within the red border is our land (probably a little bit larger than shown). The lot immediately to the left (south) of us is Pirate Villas/Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant & Bar and the large building to the left of that is the Hotel. Further left and you can just make out Legends Burger House.

Request hopefully satisfied I will now bring you up-to-date on what they guys were working on for our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize today.

As we walked from the golf cart towards the house we could see that work had started on laying the concrete blocks for the veranda wall at the front.


Only one course laid but it is a start.

When we got up to the First Floor we could see that all of the ‘blocks for the veranda wall on the northern side had been laid.


Needs a finishing coat but…

Inside the core of the First Floor they were busy at work recycling (I have mentioned before how they use and re-use materials, and especially wood) forms from previous ‘pours for the next big concrete pour to create the Second Floor.


That bit will do for the end of a form.


“Knew I would find a use for it”.


“Get up on the scaffold Martin and I will pass it to you”.


“A bit to your right”.


Nearly there but needs a slight adjustment.


Measuring for the cut.


Martin on the saw.


It fits this time.

With the form board in place they very quickly turned their attention to make the supports for it.


Recycling in action again.


Support being presented.


And in it goes.

Straight away they were on to making the next support and very soon after it was ready for fixing.


The second one goes in.

When we left they were busy taking measurements for the forms for the hallway.


Nicholas in charge of the tape measure.

The headline is based on the 1966 song by Aaron Neville (one of my all time favourite songs by the way) which reached number two in the US Billboard Hot 100. Don Johnson (he of Miami Vice fame) released a much inferior (in my opinion but not Rose’s) version 21 years later.

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