‘Bang Bang’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Woke this morning much, much later than normal. The consequence of going on a Poker Run last night when we were joined by Frank, visiting Ambergris Caye for the weekend from his regular base of Price Barracks (Frank is serving a three year posting as a member of BATSUB).

It took a couple of hours to feel like I had rejoined the land of the living. Felt a lot better but still not quite firing on all cylinders. Rose felt the same way too. Neither one of us is equipped to keep up with an army guy when they go for a beer.

To clear the cobwebs we decided to take a drive to see how much more the guys had done on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize after we had left them yesterday afternoon. The drive there felt invigorating because there was a chilly breeze.

When we got there it was good to be able to walk around freely and not have to worry if we were standing in the wrong place and disrupting the workflow. It also meant that we could get to areas that we hadn’t been able to access the previous day. For example to see the veranda wall that they had started to lay on the northern side of the First Floor.


Looking from west to east.

With the form in place we see what the correct sized window in the kitchen will look like.


With this view it won’t seem so bad being on dish washing duty!

They had also finished putting the supports in place on the western (lagoon) side of the living/dining room area.


And had also put them in place where the breakfast bar will eventually be located.


They had also finished laying the ‘blocks above the front entrance.


Feeling so much better for the fresh air and a walk around our house we decided to head to Wayo’s Beachside Beernet for the charity fundraiser that was being held to help fund new uniforms for the Isla Bonita All Star Marching Band.

We hadn’t been there too long – just long enough to have the proverbial ‘hair of the dog’- when we heard a bang,bang. Time for the ‘Band to give a performance. Perfect timing on our part.


Girls limbering up before their routine.


Are we ready yet?


We certainly are.


In full swing.

A few yards away (I haven’t gone metric) came the bang, bang from the drums.




This is giving me a headache.

Those in attendance generously dug deep into their pockets to support the Chinese Auction, Silent Auction and the raffle and I am sure that the ‘Band will be a lot closer to the fundraising target.

The headline is based on the 1966 song (OK I know it is not the full title but my brain is still not fully functioning) by Cher which reached number three in the UK Singles Chart and number two in the US Billboard Hot 100.

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  1. Alan Slater says:

    I have a strong recollection of what you are talking about, John, when you mention beer. I still remember Fri. and Sat. nights in the pubs, when we thought that 15 pints each night, just about did it. We used to go home with our heads tilted back, so we didn’t spill any excess!!!!!Funny thing was, that when I got demobbed after 5 years in the RAF, I never seemed to get any more hangovers.Probably ‘cos we drank Stella beer in Egypt. Must have some hidden meaning somewhere. Anyhow, now I drink wine ‘cos it’s free, as my son is New England regional manager for Freizenet, the Spanish wine company. Gotta keep the blood out of your alcohol system, so one doesn’t succumb to sickness!!!!
    Alan S.

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