‘Back on the Chain Gang’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Now where was I? Oh yes, Rose and I had just got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize after having breakfast at Lily’s Treasure Chest restaurant.


If you have not been to Ambergris Caye this is what you need to look for. And if you have, then here is a reminder.

Anyway back to the build.

When we got up to the First Floor on Tuesday we found the plumber/electrician and his mate hard at work finishing the running of the pipe work.


Need to cut it here.


A little bit of solvent cement.


A rock underneath the rebar to make sure that the concrete pour doesn’t crush the pipe.


A bit of tape on the pipe to keep the concrete out and it is ‘good to go’.

All the while the pour continued with the chain of bodies lifting the buckets of concrete to be emptied in to the wheelbarrows, taken to the required area and then poured.


Look how close the plumber/electrician (orange shirt) is to the pour.

With the concrete getting ever closer to where Rose and I were positioned it was time for us to retreat to ground level and when we got there we were able take a close look at the method they used to fill the buckets with the concrete.

They wheelbarrowed the concrete and poured it in to a wooden tray at the base of the scaffolding. Two guys were positioned there with shovels blocking the two apertures at the back of the tray to control the flow of the concrete in to the buckets.


Simple really isn’t it.


Get the buckets in position and open the gates (alright, lift the shovels).

By this time, in addition to completing the pour for the First Floor they started the pour for the stairs.


Apologies for the scaffolding in the foreground but I couldn’t get any closer.

The guys were getting closer and closer to the eastern (road) side of the house and the end of the pour was in sight.


Nearly there.

But then the noise level of the concrete mixers dropped and everyone stopped work to look worriedly towards the mixing area.


Oh no, not now.

One of the two mixers appeared to have a problem and Daniel Camal, our building contractor, rushed down to see if it could be fixed and by the time he got there Wayne, one of the additional guys brought in for the day, was well on the way to solving the problem.


The ‘offending’ mixer!

Rose and I left our build in Ambergris Caye, Belze around 2.45 pm and the guys finished the pour at 4 pm. A long and hard day for them.

Rose and I went to the site this (Wednesday) afternoon not expecting to see a great deal. We were hopeful of being able to gain access in one way or another so that we could see the floor of the First Floor. Well we did access the First Floor and saw far much more than we expected. To know and see what you will have to read Friday’s edition. We were surprised and you will be too!

I will leave you, however, with an hors d’oeuvre. The stairs.


Apologies for the poor picture quality but trust me, the stairs are there. I walked up and down them!

The headline is based on the song by The Pretenders which was released in 1982. It reached number five in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number seventeen in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. MARY says:

    Oh cant believe how far they have come,cant wait to see the finished house,bet you cant either,love to you both .xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Mary. Yes it is going up fast now . Still a long way to go but …
      Tomorrow’s photos will give you a better idea of the layout of the Firs Floor. Rose says Hi. Kind regards John

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