Chocolat no it is not a misspell read on ;0)

Mystery blogger here

Mr. John is fed up with the rain. The build stops when it rains, and it is lashing down. We have decided to review our plans for the house and are going to build a castle instead. Why, well we already have a moat so all we need now is a drawbridge



Mmmmm chocolate, mmmmmmm Johnny Depp, dream, zzzzzzzzz.


No this is not a gratuitous picture of Johnny Depp, but if it was hey whats wrong with that. OK what is the connection between chocolate and Johnny Depp (between chocolate and Johnny Depp mmmmmm dream zzzzzzzz)? Oh where was I? Oh yes, the connection is Johnny Depp. Ooh I nearly went again. I must control myself. He was in a film called Chocolat. Yum yum.

A cautionary tale of two……..






So the moral of the story is don’t drink and wear a zipped koozie. Which brings me nicely onto my next story.

Mr. John and myself went to Nashville last year. It was brilliant – home of country music. As I am a huge fan it was particularly exciting for me.

Went to Roberts Western World bar in Nashville, live music and bar food, which I like as it doesn’t interrupt your drinking time. I saw this and thought I must have one. Actually I bought two one for Mr. John and one for myself.


Not a zip in sight. ;0)

Well that’s all from the Mystery Blogger until the next time.


OK now this is a gratuitous picture of Johnny Depp mmmmmmmmmm dream zzzzzzzzzzz

Mr. John will be back tomorrow and don’t quote me on this I think there maybe rebar involved!!!!!!!!


  1. Jane says:

    I always forward John’s blogs to my husband in the US, Rose. Don’t think I’ll send this one along – its a bit risqué! 🙂

    1. Jane, will pass your comments on to the Mystery Blogger.

  2. robert vernon says:

    I prefer the chocolate, Belikins and bar to rebat LOL You can keep JD !!!

    1. Less of the rebar then!

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