‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Woke up this morning to the sound (again) of rain. Would this put the pouring of the concrete beams for the First Floor of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize at risk ?

I was tempted to get ready quickly and go up to the site and see if work was taking place but then common sense kicked in and I realised that my presence wouldn’t change things. They would be working or not irrespective of me being there. So I had breakfast and settled down to watch Arsenal nervously beat Brighton and Hove Albion to progress to the next round of the FA Cup. Feeling that the day might turn out OK after all I left Rose at home whilst I went to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Even before I got to the site I could hear the sound of the concrete mixer churning away. I love that sound. Great, the rain wasn’t going to stop things today.


Loads of guys feeding the mixer.

The heavy rain of the past few days made the approach to the house a lot more difficult but you wouldn’t think it to see the way that the guys pushed the wheelbarrow up the ramp.


Looking even more difficult in these conditions.


A look of determination.


Manoeuvre through the poles.


And another bucket of concrete poured for the beams.

I counted seventeen guys, including Daniel Camal, our building contractor, working on the site and they were going at a furious pace concentrating on the western (lagoon) side of the house.


Precariously balanced whilst pouring a veranda beam.


Like a trapeze artist.

The food wagon (OK, golf cart) then turned up and they guys very quickly found there places to eat lunch.


A refreshing drink first.


That tastes good!

While the guys ate someone else appeared for lunch.


There must be something to eat here.

And someone just turned up to see what was going on.


Looks like a nice place.

Twenty-five minutes later the guys were back at work and I set off to collect Rose and then return to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. It would be good to let her know that nothing was going to stop us.

Within just over forty minutes (I drive more slowly when Rose is on board) we were there and the guys were still working at a sprinter’s pace and had now moved to the inside beams.


So many bodies there’s hardly room to swing a cat (not that Rose would let me swing a cat).

Daniel was up on the scaffolding making sure that the job was being done properly.


Have they filled every bit?

Oh, meant to mention earlier, but I did learn from the accident a few days ago and dressed appropriately today.


Not the height of fashion but…


And the boots were brilliant in the waterlogged conditions.

Not to be outdone Rose wore her matching ensemble .


Looking stylish as ever.

Satisfied with progress Rose and I left the guys to finish off the pour.

I have great news for you Mystery Blogger fans. I am taking a well earned break and the next edition will be produced and published by the Mystery Blogger. I can’t wait to read it! Bet you can’t either.

The headline is based on the McFadden & Whitehead single released in 1979 which reached number thirteen in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number five in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Harry the Hornet says:

    Thought you looked a bit smarter than normal actually.

    1. What would you know about smart? Comment on things you are qualified for!

  2. robert vernon says:

    Well next Sunday will be my first full day on AC cant wait to visit all the great little cafes and bars and meet and make some new friends

    1. I am sure that you will love it here Robert. And it is really easy to make friends.

  3. robert vernon says:

    Wow what a pair of ‘daisy roots’ , The boys are really getting stuck in, and for curing concrete you need moisture not heat , so conditions are perfect

    1. Really pleased I found room for the boots in the suitcase. As you point out Robert, the guys are ‘really getting stuck in’. A great bunch.

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