‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I feel duty bound to issue a REBAR WARNING at the beginning of this edition because it does contain photographs of this ‘offensive’ ( well to some readers anyway) material. Warning issued I will now get on with today’s edition to update you on progress on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In numerous editions I have spoken about and/or shown photographs of the absence of any health and safety procedures on our building site. Very pleased to say though that we have not witnessed one accident or even something coming close to one . That is until today when the victim was me.

Attired in my customary T shirt, shorts and flip flops I was wandering around looking at the work that was going on when I felt a sudden, sharp pain in the sole of my left foot. I looked down to see that I was standing on a previously used form ( waiting to be used again). I tried to move but felt my foot impaled to the wood. I gingerly tried to move my foot but it was fixed. I then raised my foot to see that I had trodden on a three inch nail. Ouch.

On inspecting the injury Rose and I were extremely relieved that no apparent damage had been done so I quickly doused the injury with water and dried it with the clean cloth that Rose always appears to have in her bag.

As of tomorrow I am wearing the boots that I brought with me from the UK to wear when I go to have a walk around our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.


Made for walking ( and to protect my feet).

Anyway enough of the injury to my person and the measures I am now going to take to avoid a repetition and on with the progress report.

We are now at the stage of the build where the painstaking job of preparing for the floor of the First Floor and accompanying veranda is being carried out. This entails assembling and then fixing into place the rebar frames for the eventual concrete pour.


Rebar being moved.


Bending bars in position.


Easy does it.


Put your back into it!



Hobbling ( any sympathy out there?) around the build I could see that a lot of work had been done in fixing the bases for the forms in place.


View from the eastern (road) side of the house.


Rebar frame in place for the eastern veranda.

And they were working as a team to fit the frames in place on the western (lagoon) side of the house.




Close up and personal.

They had also fitted the base for the forms on the southern side of the house.


Ready for the rebar frames.

Whilst we were there we could see a lorry pull into the site. The first time that a vehicle had actually parked on our land because previously all off-loading has been carried out roadside.


Room to park.

It had delivered wood that will be used to crete a frame around the house for when the concrete is poured for the veranda.


Ready for use.

Pleased with progress it was time for me to ‘retire’ injured in action. I will be back for tomorrow’s edition though. Boots and all!

The headline is based on the 1966 song ‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra that reached number one in both the US and the UK.


  1. Mark says:

    Ouch, Sorry About your foot,Better to have Boots for walking and keep the Flip-flops for the Beach. When I was in Costa Rica,the only pair of Boots I had were Rubber Boots,so I wore them mostly all the time.May have looked like one of the locals,but at least my feet were well protected.Folks thought that I was a farmer or going to the rain forest, but i didn’t care. So for my next trip..to visit Belize, Im bringing the Rubber Boots.

    1. It was a long time ago now Mark and my foot recovered fine. But you are right, don’t take chances.

  2. robert vernon says:

    John, you always need a pair of stout ‘Daisyroots’ walking around a building site !!!!

    1. It is the reason that I used valuable suitcase space when we relocated from the UK. Common sense, however, went out of the window. That is until my injury. Boots now are the order of the day!

  3. Alan Slater says:

    It never ceases to amaze me what your builders do with lots of tree limbs and odd pieces of timber. Talk about recycling on a major scale!!!!……If ever the Mayan prophesy comes to fruition, these guys will still be building houses,as they waste nothing and keep on reusing…..nails, timber, tree limbs, plywood and sand. The only thing they would not have, would be cement, but I suspect they would soon find a substitute!!!!!!Just shows what one can do, with common sense and intuition and OSHA be dambd. By the way, you were really, really lucky with that nail in your foot. It could have proven very bad. Septicemia is not something trivial.
    Alan S.

    1. Alan, the recycling of the build continues to amaze Rose and I . That along with their ability to create strong supports with the most basic of materials.
      As to my injury, I know I was extremely fortunate. Need to be a lot more sensible in my advancing years otherwise I may not advance much longer. Regards John

  4. kathi moore says:

    The comments so far indicate that
    people are more interested in your foot injury than rebar.

    1. Probably because they care! The fact of the matter though is that they are still drooling over the photos and don’t want to leave them to post a comment.
      I will convert you yet.

  5. Tom J says:

    careful….you could end up with a case of toelio….
    Tom in Montana

    1. Thank you, gave me my first laugh of the day.

  6. Larry Merrill says:

    Safety shoes are good on a construction site. No charge!

    1. Wish I had bought my toetectors with me!

  7. Harry the Hornet says:


    1. My football career is over!

      1. Harry the Hornet says:

        Before it started!

      2. Cruel but possibly true.

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