‘If It Don’t Fit’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Another chilly start to the day. But, I am not complaining because I have seen the photographs of what it is like in the UK. Blizzards, blackouts, schools closed, industry adversely affected and predictions that it could cost the economy £11 million. So, my thoughts as I sit on the veranda feeling slightly cold in shorts and ‘T’ shirt, are with my family and friends in the UK.

Had breakfast whilst ‘overdosing’ on the choice of Premiership games to watch on TV. I chose the Liverpool v Norwich game ( good choice because there were five goals) but switched channels throughout to keep in touch with the Manchester City v Fulham and Newcastle v Reading games. Enough to whet my appetite for the Chelsea v Arsenal game that kicks off at 6.30 am tomorrow morning. A curtailed time on the veranda for me tomorrow.

Having had my fix of football it was time for Rose ( she spent the morning making jewellery) and I to head off to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

As we approached our land we heard the exceedingly welcome sound of the concrete mixer churning away. It’s a good sound for us because when it’s being used there are normally tangible results – we can see the concrete and the shapes that it is forming.

The guys were using it to lay more of the concrete blocks. The focus was on the wall between the second bedroom and en-suite bathroom.


Edson passes the bucket of concrete up.


The concrete gets poured ( don’t know his name yet, he’s a fairly new member of the team).

Zepeda was controlling what jobs had to be tackled next.


Studying the plans.

A lot of focus was being directed to installing the form boards in the corridor that will run between the two bedrooms.


Nicholas making the form board.


Does it fit?


Yep, let’s get the nails in.


It’s in.

They then set about the second length which took some adjustment to make it fit.


So how much have we got to cut off?


That’ll do.


Time to bang the pole into position to support it.

There’s more progress to report on but that will be covered in the next edition because Rose and I are going on the first Poker Run of 2013 and I may be ‘tired and emotional’ when I get home!

The headline is based on the first track on the second album by B*Witched (an Irish all girl group) entitled Awake and Breathe which was released in 1999. The album reached number five in the UK Albums Chart and number ninety-one in the US Billboard 200.


  1. Ina McLean says:

    Is it typical to use concrete blocks on the interior walls that separate rooms instead of wood?

    1. Really don’t know Ina. We chose to have a totally concrete building, hence the blocks (which by the way are filled with concrete). We could have had stud walls but didn’t want that type of build. Kind regards John

  2. Larry Merrill says:

    One great thing about this blog are the photos of the workers. I use them as an example of bad safety practices on the job. We have safety meeting every Monday here at work. Well heck, we do have OSHA in the USA and you can’t beat the examples. Workers with no hardhats, working in flip-flops, no safety glasses, homemade ladders, no safety belts, Heck I could go on the the rest of the day!

    1. Do I need to charge you for assisting with your training ?

  3. Fred says:

    John, how are the inside walls finished?

    1. They will be plastered Fred.

      1. Larry Merrill says:

        And you will be too if you hang with Pedro very long!

      2. Have known Pedro (Peter) since he first arrived on the island 13 years ago. Think it is too late for him to change me . And I am not going to waste the energy trying to change him.

  4. Mike says:

    Good stuff! I check in every day….

    1. Thanks Mike . I hope that you are finding it interesting . And, perhaps, helpful. Regards John

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