‘Smooth Operator’

Before updating you on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize I thought I would fill (excuse the pun) you in on my visit to the dentist on Tuesday.

For first time readers I have been visiting Doctor Pedro Habet at the Dental Center in Mercy Lane, Belize City for an extensive course of treatment.


The Dental Center.


Contact information in case you ever need it!

On this visit I had a nerve removed from a lower left root canal and a further ( the third attempt) at removing a nerve in an upper right root canal. Oh, and I also had a post fitted for one of the porcelain crowns that will be fitted when I go in April for the second stage of dental implant work.

I have visited Doctor Pedro Habet around nine times since starting the treatment last October and have found him to be a cool practitioner. A smooth operator you could say.

He has a well appointed surgery, really good staff and he really appears to know , and care about, his work.



Lie back and enjoy it!

Went down to the Police Station this morning to find out if our Criminal Record reports had been processed ( need these to apply for entry into the Qualified Retirement Programme) and fortunately P.C Cho was on duty. He gave me the good news that the reports have been produced. He then gave me the bad news that they are in Belmopan. He hopes to go there this weekend. So, with luck, we could have them this time next week. Not holding my breath though.

When I got back I went and lazed at the end of the dock, in front of where we are renting,finishing off Smiley’s People (by John le Carré) and then starting Run Rabbit (by John Updike). Basically just ‘chilling out’ – its tough living on Ambergris Caye!

Went to the apartment to watch Arsenal play Swansea in the 3rd Round FA Cup replay only to find that it was not on TV. They had amazingly chosen the Chelsea and Manchester United games for TV coverage! Didn’t matter too much though because Arsenal won and are through to the next round.

Needing to have our spirits uplifted Rose and I headed off (stopping on the way to get some soft drinks for the guys) to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize because no matter what our moods are like they always perk up on the way there wondering what will have changed. And today was no different.

As we approached our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we could see that the concrete window lintels had been poured.


Where the windows will be in the store room.

And in the kitchen/living room area of the self-contained apartment.


Second window is obscured by the column.

Form boards had been installed to create the lintel for the sliding doors in the master bedroom.


What about the wooden acrows.

Many more concrete blocks had been laid and most of the walls are now at the required height of ten feet.


Dividing wall between the kitchen/living room area and the store room.

They were also starting to put the steel in place to support the First Floor lagoon facing veranda.


Projecting steel (rebar for the devotees).

And now to complete the line up of the core (the ‘A’) team working on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize










The final members of the team will feature in Friday’s edition.

The headline is based on the song by Sade released in 1984. It made number nineteen in the UK Singles Chart that year and in the following year reached number five in the US Billboard Hot 100. The song, by the way, was co-written by Ray St. John who I used to play Sunday morning football with.


  1. Terry Perry says:

    Hi John, I have only just happened onto your blog, it all looks very exciting. Are you planning to leave the UK and live there permanently?

    1. Hi Terry. Hope all is well for you.
      We left the UK last May and have no intention of returning full time.
      Kind regards John

  2. Phil says:

    Love the view thru the master bedroom sliding doors.

    1. Totally agree Phil. When guests do come to stay we are sure that they will love it too. Will they want to leave though? Kind regards John

  3. Jane says:

    Even your store room has wonderful views! John, you have a beautiful lot!

    1. Had to make sure the view was good there Jane, I might get sent there! Kind regards John

  4. Jim Cremin says:

    Must be intensely rewarding to see it all taking shape, I know I’ve enjoyed it. Well done. Jim

    1. We are thoroughly enjoying it so far Jim. Hopefully it will continue this way. Kind regards John

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