Everyday living on an Island

Everyday living on an Island

Mystery blogger here. Apologies for not turning up last week but…..

I dropped off Mr. John at the Water Taxi to catch the 8:00 to Belize City for another dental appointment. I think he is probably having his teeth filed into points so he doesn’t have to think up a Halloween costume for next year (Dracula). Any hoo back to the subject “Everyday living on an Island”.

When I lived in Blighty, if I wanted anything it was a click on the computer (internet shopping, eBay) I love eBay, phone call, or a short ride on the tube. But on an island you have to wait and not being the most patient of persons it very FRUSTRATINNNNNGG. But in general it is excellent living on an island. People here are very friendly, going about my business of shopping, paying bills, you don’t get very far without hellos and how are you from people you know.

Deciding on footwear is not difficult it is just a matter of matching a colour with your outfit. These are just a small selection of flip-flops that I have.


Sorry about the messy white and blue ones but it is quite dusty over here


Now these flip flops have everything pink and gems.


As you can see from the picture Marley has grown quite a lot, so we are going to plant him on our land with his family. We are also cultivating other plants for planting when our house is built.


Our build is coming on leaps and bounds, the stairs and ramp have been poured I can walk up the stairs instead of the makeshift ramp which moves when you walk on it. The makeshift ramp is on the right it may not look high from here but it is and when you get to the top you turn left and it wobbles and there are gaps.

For dinner tonight I am making yes you guessed it’s a curry but a prawn one. Not sure what state Mr. John’s gnashers will be tonight.

I will be going up to the build today to take my usual photos, but I will leave Mr. John to put them in his blog Thursday. Picking up Mr. John up from the Water Taxi later not sure what time until he phones me, then depending on what time that is I will take Mr. John up to the build to show him the progress.

Our next door neighbours who we have got to know quite well and have been on the island for seven years are leaving and we will be sad to see them go. They are going to live in Trinidad. Matt Joe and Naomi. Matt has already left and Joe and Naomi leave on Friday and will join him at the weekend. A great adventure for all of them. Joe Matt and Naomi we will miss you a lot. Xx

Mystery blogger over and out. xxxx


  1. Richard Mattsson says:

    Congratulations on a great blog and what I can only assume must be a fantastic experience. I have been following your adventure a few weeks now and it sure beats the hell out of working or being outside in -15 degrees centigrade as it is here in Sweden at the moment, I look forward to your new post every morning, even about the rebar. I am a bit curious into knowing the approximate cost of construction on Ambergris Caye per square meter. If you do not want to put in your blog perhaps you can send it to my email. Best wishes and good luck in the coming months with the build.

    1. Richard, it is a fantastic experience and one that we are thoroughly enjoying. Really pleased that you enjoy reading the blog every day. Most days I enjoy writing it ! Kind regards John

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