‘She’s Gone’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

For those of you that have come here expecting to read what the Mystery Blogger has to say I have bad news for you. She inexplicably is – as we say in England – a ‘no show’. Gone AWOL! So, you are stuck with me today.

Writing this after virtually a full day at the dentist ( well it seemed like a full day). Got the 8 am Caye Caulker Water Taxi to Belize City and on arrival grabbed a taxi to the dentist (BZ$8 including a tip). My appointment was for 10 am but, as has become customary ( the only gripe I have about the very good dentist Doctor Pedro Habet) I didn’t get into the surgery until 10.40 am.

Once in there it was straight into the chair, a couple of injections, remove the temporary filling and then set about removing one of the nerves in the root canal that he was unable to extract last week. Success achieved this time around. So he then prepared the two teeth that have had root canal work for the crowns that are going to be fitted. That done I went for lunch which proved not to be the easiest thing given that one side of my mouth was still numb.

Back at 1.30 pm for an attempt on the second of the nerves that he was unable to remove last week. No success this time either so he will try again next week. He did though remove the nerve for the other root canal that required this treatment. A 66% success rate. Not perfect but not bad. Hopefully next week the difficult nerve will succumb.

Oh, I should have mentioned earlier that I saw an arresting ( apologies for the pun) sight in the Reception before going in for the dental work . A prisoner – in handcuffs and full prison garb- was escorted by a prison guard for dental treatment. It could only happen in Belize.


Apologies for the quality ( or lack of it) of the photo but I had to take it surreptitiously.

Left the dentist at 3.15 pm and managed to get a taxi quickly which enabled me to catch the 3.30 pm Water Ferry to Ambergris Caye.

Rose was waiting for me and we headed straight away to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize so that I could see what work had taken place.

Pleased to report that the six courses of concrete blocks for the store room ( in its new position) had been laid and the forms were installed ready for the pouring of the beam.


Not as big as the store room we originally planned but big enough.

They had also been working on installing the pipes for the bathroom for the additional en-suite bedroom ( read previous editions for the full story).


The pipe to the right is for the shower, the one in the middle for the toilet and the pipes to the left for the sink.

The six courses of ‘blocks for the kitchen/living room had also been laid and the form boards fitted in readiness for the pour for the concrete beam.


Concrete blocks stacked ready for the next six courses after the beam has been poured.


Space left for the window.

They had also made good progress on the stairs from ground level to the Ground Floor.


Ground level view.


View from the Ground Floor.

And some progress had been made on the ramp.


Starting to take shape.

Today’s headline is inspired by the absence of the Mystery Blogger and the song by the same name by Hall & Oates . Initially released as a single in 1974 it was only mildly successful. It was released again in 1976 after editing and remixing and this time reached number 7 in the US Billboard Hot 100 .


  1. Claudia & Jim says:

    wondering about your sewage…do they have a system, I don’t remember any installation of a septic tank

    1. Hi Claudia and Jim. We have a septic tank on the northern side of our house with the leach field to the north-east of it.

  2. Prissie says:

    The cost of the taxi was mentioned, but wondering about the cost of the dental work.

    1. Prissie, I am having quite a lot of treatment so will just provide some examples of the costs(all shown in US$):
      Sedation @ 65
      Dental implant @ 1,125
      Porcelain crown @ 599
      Post core for crown @ 105
      Root canal (single) @ 155
      Root canal ( 2 canal) 185

      Hope the above helps.

  3. Cruisin Camper says:

    Glad the dental work is coming along and your home is proceeding well.
    The Cruisin Camper

    1. Thank you Laurie. Pain first …

  4. I am sorry I was a no show – but I was on Belize time and thought it was today. Mystery blogger xx

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