‘Wall to Wall’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After eating breakfast this morning I made a call to the UK to try to see if there was a way for me to remotely close two building society accounts that were held in the joint names of my late Dad and myself.

I didn’t close the accounts before leaving England because I assumed ( never assume) that they had been closed during the probate process. They hadn’t because one of the account holders – me – was still alive. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that the accounts can only be closed with a personal visit to one of the building society’s branches. Not very helpful because they are all in the UK. So, this job will have to wait until Rose and I decide that we would like to go back for a visit . No inclination to do so yet awhile though.

Next on the agenda was to ‘hit’ the shops for one or two much needed provisions and pay the cable and Internet bills. An hour later we were back home having lunch and getting ready to visit our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize

We got there around 1.45 pm to see a truck load of cement being unloaded.



Where does it all go!

As we approached the build we could see that progress had been made on building the staircase from ground level to the Ground Floor.


Form boards in place for the staircase on the external walls.


Staircase starting to take shape.


Form board marked with the shape of the stairs.

When we got to the Ground Floor we could see that the protecting covering of plywood over the water tank ( where the manhole cover will eventually be located) had been removed and that the form boards that had been fixed for the concrete pour to create the ceiling/floor were being removed.


Nicholas bringing a board to the surface.


Nicholas emerging for some fresh air.


Collating the wood before bringing it up.


Anhill taking time out to pose for a photograph.

A walk around the Ground Floor revealed that work on the changes we had requested be made to accommodate the addition of an en-suite bedroom and new location for the store room were in the final stages of being completed.


The aperture for the window in the ‘old’ store room ( now the additional bedroom) had been blocked in

Blocks were being cut in the additional bathroom to accommodate pipe work.


Nearly there.

Work was underway laying concrete blocks for the external wall of the store room in its new location.


Edson using the plumb line to make sure that the blocks are level.


Nicholas troweling in the cement ready for the next course of ‘blocks.

Wherever Rose and I walked on the Ground Floor of our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize there were walls . Really exciting to see.

The headline is based on the song ‘Wall to Wall’ by Chris Brown from his 2007 album ‘Exclusive’.

By the way, I have another dental appointment in Belize City. Bad news for me but good news for you. Why? Because the Mystery Blogger will make a return appearance to publish Wednesday’s edition. Makes going to the dentist well worthwhile !


  1. Claudia & Jim says:

    are there any places that have internet for use? I’m sure there is no McDonalds, but restaurants or bars that have internet access….don’t plan to be on it all the time, but want to keep in touch with my kids…are you still able to shop “ebay” and receive items you purchase?

    1. Most of the bigger bars, restaurants and hotels have free Wi-Fi. You can shop eBay but will have to use a US mailing address and then forward. The import tax can be high though. If you are able price the value of the items lowly.

  2. Claudia & Jim says:

    just wondering what you pay for internet and cable

    1. Hi Claudia & Jim. Cable comes in at BZ$ 45 per month and Internet at BZ$ 110 . We get ours from Smart but come November will switch to either BTL or Coral Cable (who we get the cable from).

      1. Claudia & Jim says:

        Thanks for your quick response…we just started reading your blog. Jim is dead set on wanting to visits and relocated in Belize..but we have to sell our 2 businesses first. Your blog is very informative.

      2. Pleased that you have found it useful. If you’ve never been before I’d plan on spending a reasonable amount of time here and travel around. Different places suit different people better than others.

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