‘Whatcha Gonna Do About It’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

An element of the contract we have with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is that he clears the land that we have in Fire Coral Street of the trees, scrub and general rubbish that has grown and been dumped on it.

Some of the trees have grown to over twenty feet and the coverage can only be described as dense – a sharp contrast to how it looked when we started buying the lots back in 2004 ( see the first edition of this blog entitled ‘A bit about us’).


Photo taken from across the canal. Our lots ‘fall’ between the two buildings.



Virtually a jungle!

When we first arrived on the island at the end of May last year we were dismayed to see that the road facing side of our lots was covered in cars and car parts. This has been remedied, however, following a conversation that Rose had ( so much better coming from a woman) with the motor mechanic who operates his business on the opposite side of the street. The lots though still look a mess.


View from the roadside. Our lots are between the fence and fifty feet in front of the terracotta coloured building in the distance.

When the lots are clear we will ask Daniel to erect an inexpensive fence along the roadside and I will visit occasionally to keep the foliage under control.

When we purchased the lots it had been our intention to one day build our home there but now we shall wait until the economy improves and sell the land. Either as individual 50 feet by 100 feet parcels or, hopefully, as a single piece.

With no work on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize today Rose and I spent a couple of hours on the Internet trying to find showers trims ( including valves) that we like for the bathrooms on the Ground and First Floors. The reason for this being that the valves need to be installed into the walls, with the trims being fitted later.

We looked first at what Benny’s ( the home centre on the Northern Highway) has to offer. Not seeing a great deal of choice we turned our attention to stores based in the States. After looking for what seemed an age we made a choice. We will let Daniel know what we have chosen and he will place an order and arrange shipping.


The shower trim ( valve included!) that we have chosen.

Tomorrow sees the beginning of week ten of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and by the end of the week – if it is to remain on schedule- the Ground Floor walls, columns and beams and the stairway from ground level to ground slab need to be completed. Let’s hope there is no rain!

The headline ( I know the grammar is atrocious) is based on the 1965 single by the Small Faces which reached number 14 in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. MARY says:

    Happy New Year John, Rose,We have been to tenerife,just back ,love to you both xxxxxx

    1. John East says:

      And to David and you Mary. Hope you had a great time.


  2. kathi moore says:

    It must be so much fun picking out all these new things, either that or a pain in the ass to have to do it all at once. I do like your choices – kitchen cupboards are gorgeous, tiles are gorgeous and sinks are gorgeous and the new shower bits. The only thing I would say about your choices, I have heard that stainless steel appliances are really hard to keep fingerprint-free. I would always stick with plain old white. It doesn’t date,not that you would care too much. You are doing a fantastic job. What could be better than building a home in “paradise”.

    1. You are correct Kathi. Some fun and a pain in the arse ( English version!). When the range of choice is so large it can become difficult.
      White will be the dominant colour for the house – internal and external – so we are going for some contrast when the opportunity presents itself, hence the choice for the shower trims. Best John

  3. Lawrence Kuntz says:

    May the voice, spirit and soul of Steve Marriot continue to inspire your efforts to build a new life in Belize!

  4. Phil says:

    I must say I am happy to have found your blog as it gives me an idea of what my wife and I have to look forward to when we build our home in Belize (hoping to retire there in a couple yrs).
    We still have to decide on what area of Belize is right for us as we want oceanfront (even though everyone was telling us to settle in the hills when we were there a coupkle weeks ago…lol).
    I find myself looking forward to seeing the new post in my email every day.
    Keep up the great writing.

    1. Phil

      We are finding it a rally enjoyable experience . Still a long wy to go yet though so it could change. Hopefully not.
      If you think I can help with information when your times comes to move here just ask.
      Thank you for your kind comments re the blog. They are truly appreciated.
      Regards John

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