‘We Can Work It Out’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Forgot to mention in yesterday’s edition that the potential remodelling of the Ground Floor to incorporate an additional en-suite and, as a consequence, repositioning of the store room is not the only change.

Because the foundations for the house are higher than the architect’s plans specified ( the land is low lying) the specifications for the golf cart ramp have had to be amended. Had the plan been rigidly adhered to the gradient would have been too steep for the golf cart to ‘climb’ so the length of the slope is being extended.


Poles in place to define the extension.

We I got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize today there was a lorry delivering a further supply of concrete blocks – we ran out of them yesterday afternoon.


Unloading the 300 concrete block consignment.

When approaching the ramp I could see that the guys had already started to make use of the new delivery because the walls had got higher.


Looking into the kitchen/living room area. Supply of ‘blocks ready for use.

The bedroom external walls had also grown.


North-west corner of the bedroom. Again, a supply of ‘blocks ready to be laid.

A couple of courses had also been laid on the store room walls ( or will it be an en-suite bedroom ?) read future editions to find out.


Store room or an additional en-suite bedroom?

They had also started to lay the ‘blocks for the top of the stairs.


Work was also going on to prepare the extended golf cart ramp for the concrete pour.


Two guys tamping the sand to get the job done faster.

As the external walls get higher for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize it is starting to take shape as our home ( probably getting overly excited because I know there is still a long way to go).


Northern external wall.


Western external wall.

No ‘blocks have been laid for the southern external wall pending our decision on a different location for our store room and the addition of an en-suite bedroom where the store room is currently planned to be.

We have received a cost proposal from Daniel Camal,our building contractor, but await a detailed cost breakdown so that we can make a decision. Rose and I are confident though that we can work it out!

The headline is based on the song by The Beatles ( released as a double A-sided single with ‘Day Tripper’ in December 1965). The song reached number one in the UK chart and the US Billboard Hot 100.

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  1. Trish Peterson says:

    Yep, the golf cart ramp looked pretty steep!!

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