‘Take it Easy’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Given Trish Peterson’s comment on Christmas Day( she recounted her experience when building on Ambergris Caye some years ago when work ground to a halt over Christmas) Rose and I travelled to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize yesterday with a fair amount of apprehension. We wondered if any of the guys would turn in for work. And, if so, how many of them there would be.

As we drew near to the site no sound could be heard. No sound of hammering. No sound of an electric saw. No sound of music. None of the sounds that we have grown accustomed to hearing.

As I parked the golf cart we simultaneously looked across at the bodega (shed) to see that the door was boarded up. We feared the worst – the guys had decided to extend their Christmas break. We thought we had made a wasted journey and were about to turn around and head back home dejectedly when we looked towards the lagoon and saw Anhill and Martin in the distance.

We secured the padlock on the ‘cart and walked towards our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and saw that Nicholas was on site too. We also saw another guy that we had never seen before.

Relieved we continued walking to the site and up the ramp to see that Anhill and Martin were busy removing two vertical rebar rods ( don’t worry there is not another rebar photo coming your way) from the pillar frames. Our architect’s plans ( Strukture Architects Limited) specifies eight vertical rods per frame for the water tank reducing to six vertical rods from the Ground Floor upwards.

Once the two excess rebar rods had been removed Anhill and Martin fixed in place three rebar ties to hold the vertical rods in position.


Ties in place ( this is a photograph of ties in place on an earlier part of the build, the principle is, however, the same).

With Anhill and Martin putting the ties in place Nicholas concentrated his efforts on measuring and marking out where the north to south rebar rods will need to be placed when the plumber has finished.

Talking of the plumber, he was on-site and was the guy we had never see before mentioned earlier. He had made a start and removed sand so that he could bury the pipes. By the time we arrived he had the pipe in which the electric feed cable will run in place .


Trench dug and electric cabling pipe in place.

He was waiting for further pipes to be delivered (Daniel Camal, our building contractor, had these loaded on his golf cart when we passed him on our way home) but had created the hole in the foundation wall for the soil pipe.


Electric cabling pipe in place. The larger hole is for the soil pipe . The other pipe was a mistake! One needs to be created slightly lower for the waste pipe.

Hopefully when visit the site for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize later today we will find that the plumber completed the required work.

When we were at the site on Christmas Eve Anhill mentioned that they never actually know what the exterior of a build is going to look like until all the walls and the roof have been completed. We thought it might be nice if they could see what we expect our home to look like at a far earlier stage so we took the drawings that our architect produced to show him (Nicholas and Martin got to see them too).


Anhill impressed with how our house will look when finished.

Not as many guys – well down on the 8/9 that are normally on site – as we had hoped but progress is still being made . But all in all a somewhat easy day on the build.

Barring unforeseen circumstances the concrete pour for the roof of the water tank/Ground Floor will take place on either Saturday or Sunday.

The headline is based on the song released in 1972 by the Eagles which reached number 12 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

Apologies for the late publication of this edition but this was caused by the loss of or Internet . Had to go to Estel’s ( any excuse!) to make use of their Wi-fi.


  1. Trish Peterson says:

    Yay!! Glad you made more progress today. The home I built is 9 miles North at Palmero Point, may be the distance had something to do with few workers during holidays. FYI, my home was totally off the grid, as there was no electric power that far North in 2003. Tons of growth and changes in the past 9 years!!!!

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