‘When Sunday Comes’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Been so busy writing about our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize that I had forgotten to mention that,in my opinion, Rose has a very creative side to her (apologies for going off subject but some of the women readers might find this of interest).

She has a talent for turning what for someone else might be rubbish into something of use or beauty, or both.

When our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is completed the tools and materials that she uses for her various handicraft interests will join us but in the meantime she employs her creative mind to make do with what is available.

She has already made a couple of blouses and skirts with cloths purchased relatively inexpensively on the trips we have made to Belize City when visiting for my dental treatment ( see earlier posts for the gory details). For these she used the sewing machine that I bought her as a present for her birthday in October.

This week, however, she has turned her attention, and her creativity, to making jewellery predominantly with recycled material.

Using paper, permanent marker pens and some clasps that she brought with her she has made what I think are some lovely pieces ( I know it makes a lot of sense for me to say this whatever they look like but I truly believe it).


Bracelet. Doesn’t look like it is made of paper does it?


Matching earrings.


Bracelet and earring set. My photography doesn’t do the colour justice.

When the time comes Rose will use her creative talents – ably assisted by me in the dogsbody role- to make what curtains and blinds we decide to have for our new home.

We ( have appointed myself as Rose’s business adviser) are not taking orders for Rose’s creative output yet but I will let you know when we will!

Early in the afternoon ( around 1.30pm) we drove up to our land expecting to hear the sound of the saw cutting rebar ( yes, another mention of rebar) and the happy sound of the guys singing along to the music that they have playing constantly . Sorry to report though that the site was like the Marie Cėleste. Not a sound to be heard. Not a person to be seen.

When we left our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize yesterday afternoon we did so with the understanding that some of the team would be working today to complete the form and rebar fitting so that the concrete pour for the roof of the water tank could be carried out on Monday.

Something or someone changed the plan and we will not find out until tomorrow when we speak with Daniel Camal our building contractor . I will be at the site around 8am to find out why things changed.

The visit though did provide us with the opportunity of walking around the site without getting in the way of the guys and disrupting things. We were able to see more closely what they had done yesterday.


Form frame for the manhole cover for the water tank.


How the rebar is secured.


Eye-level ( well nearly anyway) of the rebar in place.


The ties used to secure the rebar.


Ground Floor veranda area fully packed with sand and nearly ready for the concrete pour.


Rose imagining that she is in the Ground Floor bedroom!


Our new pet Gordon the gecko .

We are still hopeful that the pour will take place because we could see that deliveries of sand, cement, stones and water had been made after we had left on Saturday. All will be revealed tomorrow.

The headline isn’t based on anything other than it was Sunday and that I think the guy who sings the song ( he is Daryl Coley) has a great voice.

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