‘Good Day Sunshine’ in Ambergris Caye, Belize

Up even earlier this morning – 3.30am- than I normally am. I get up early but this is ridiculous. Must cut out those early evening naps!

Had coffee on the veranda while I took care of correspondence ( mainly to family and friends back in the UK) and then reconciled recent bank transactions . Showered, shaved and dressed and was at Estel’s ‘for ‘fuelling’ by 7.15am. Had a great ( and filling) breakfast ( as it always is) served by really friendly and efficient staff. All topped off with the great view. Fed and watered ( OK coffeed – I know there is no such word, but …) I set off to see what progress was being made on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

As has been the case on previous occasions, I was pleased to be surprised by what work had taken place. When I got to the top of the ramp and looked down into the water tank I saw that concrete had been poured into all of the forms. Not only that but the guys were removing the form boards and supports.

All was soon revealed by Anhill. The guys had worked until 7.30 pm last night to complete the pouring. It had been necessary to put in place temporary lighting and they had to get by with one wheelbarrow less ( a tyre was punctured ) until two replacement wheelbarrows were taken by Daniel Camal, our building cintractor, to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to try to recover some of the lost time .


Nicholas removing a support board in the south-east corner of the water tank.


Martin removing a form board on the western side of the water tank.


Martin dislodges the form board whilst Nicholas starts on another one.


Nicholas catches up.

It wasn’t long before they had removed all of the internal form boards.


Form boards removed in the south-corner of the water tank.

The guys broke for breakfast and I headed home to give Rose a progress report.

Rose and I returned to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize around 2.30 pm to find that had been tackling the removal of the external form boards.


Form boards removed on the western side of the water tank. We can see walls for the first time.


Boards removed on the southern side of the water tank.

We then noticed that the lowest section of the downpipes for the rainwater catchment had been positioned ( should have noticed this much earlier but we were too excited seeing walls).


Downpipe in place on the eastern side of the water tank. Note the ‘feeder’ pipe into the water tank.

We do not want any water in the tank for a while so the downpipes have been taped. By the way, there are three downpipes on both the northern and southern sides of the water tank.


That will stop the water!

When we were leaving the team were removing the final external boards on the northern side of the water tank.


Anhill and Martin at work.

Tomorrow ( they may even have got a start after we left) the focus is on installing the forms for the concrete pour for the water tank roof.

I have to be honest here and admit that today the sun was not out all the time . On occasion it was cloudy and overcast . It actually rained for a spell. But, for Rose and I it was a good day with sunshine!


  1. roseypon says:

    Excellent blog could not agree with you more re: the last paragraph. :0!

    1. Pleased that you continue to enjoy the blog. But then you have to!

      1. roseypon says:

        No I don’t – I’m enjoying it because it is good. ;0)

      2. OK. You ARE the boss!

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