Ambergris Caye – ‘Warning Sign’

Forgot to mention in my Belize blog yesterday that I managed to pick up a parking ticket on Saturday when shopping to get a present for the shower party we were going to attend the next day.

Just plain stupidness on my part because the No Parking warning sign in front of Caye Supplies was plain to see. Only in the shop for 15 minutes but the ticket was on the golf cart by the time we had bought the present. Paid the BZ$25 fine at the San Pedro Town Council office this morning. I will pay far more attention to where and how I park in future!

So , when you come to Ambergris Caye look out for this sign.


Disregard it at you peril!

Thought I should warn you but there are more important things to worry about . And, as far as I am concerned, it is our build in Ambergris Caye.

So what is happening I hear you say. Well, work continues on putting the forms in place.


North east and east side of the house.


Eastern side of the house.


Interior forms in place on southern side of the house.


Forms in place between where the Ground Floor bedroom and en-suite bathroom will be.

Elevated photo ( I was on the scaffolded platform ( see later photo)) for this photo of the interior form work on the southern and western side of the house.


Work was focused on making sure that the forms are secure.


Between where the Ground Floor bathroom and bedroom will be.

Lots of activity in the ‘wood shop ‘ area of the site ( under the trees – in the shade- near the Bodega) making the forms.


They were also making sure that he external forms are firmly in place.


The method used to ensure that the forms are firmly in place is fairly rudimentary but, nonetheless , effective.


Close up and personal!

They have also started to prepare for the concrete pouring for the water tank walls which is scheduled for Wednesday ( don’t miss Thursday’s edition) by erecting a scaffold for the wheelbarrows to bring the concrete in.


Ramp (board) required and then ‘fit for purpose’.

This is only week 6 of the build and there is still a long way to go ( the project is scheduled to take 40 weeks) but it is so exciting to see each step along the way.

By the way, ‘Warning Sign’ ( featured in the headline in ‘honour’ of my parking ticket) is track number 8 on Coldplay’s August 2002 album ‘A rush of blood to the head’ .

Stay with my Belize blog and watch our build in Ambergris Caye.

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