Ambergris Caye : San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade 2012 – “Rock the boat”.

So why choose the Hues Corporation’s 1974 hit ( number 1 in both the US Billboard Hot 100 and in the UK) for today’s headline.

The reason is quite simple. Today in Ambergris Caye the annual San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade took place.

This event was introduced in 2006 following the prompting of Jan Brown who at that time ran the Pier Lounge Bar ( now Wahoo’s Lounge) and Rose and I were in San Pedro for the inaugural event and luckily have only missed one since then ( last year).

It’s a great fun event with locals and tourists alike congregating on the beach to watch the themed boats make their way along the coastline.

The ‘Parade commenced at 6pm from the dock in front of Wayo’s Beachside Beernet, then headed up to Caribbean Villas and then returned along the coastline for the prize giving ceremony at Central Park which started at 8.30pm.

There were a host of prizes on offer with the winner taking BZ$1,500, second prize of BZ$750 and the third placed boat gets BZ$500.

It’s not the money they were after though. It was the taking part and having and giving fun.

Not as many boats entered this year – only 9- but those that did really put on a fantastic show.







Central Park and the beach in front were packed with people enjoying themselves.



The food and beverage stalls were there with a variety of choice.


The children were enjoying themselves.


Santa was there.


And so was Miss San Pedro.


The time came to announce the prize winners and they were:
3rd place to the Aids Commission
2nd place and the Mayor’s Trophy to Hol Chan
1st place and the Minister’s Trophy to El Secreto.

The El Secreto team on stage after winning 1st place.


The winning boat setting off from dock in front of Wayo’s at the start of the parade.


The winning boat with lights on.


Only one boat could win but they were all winners for me.

No update on our build in Ambergris Caye in this edition but there will be in tomorrow’s.

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