Ambergris Caye – “Another brick in the wall”.

When we got to the build today they were busy replenishing stocks of the building materials for the next phase of our build in Ambergris Caye.


Sand being delivered.


Load tipped.

Next to arrive was a delivery of cement and concrete blocks (8 inch).


It didn’t take the two guys too long to unload the lorry . All quantities were checked off and signed for by one of Daniel Camal‘s, our building contractor, men.


Ready for use.

Next came the water delivery. This is necessary because there is no mains water where we are having our house built, hence the need for the water tank ( 25,000 gallon capacity) under the house.


For the technically minded and those readers that are just interested in this kind of detail, I should have perhaps mentioned some while ago that we hit bedrock ( the depth the piles were sunk to) at 6 feet and the concrete strength is 3,500 PSI ( normally used for areas where significant loading is expected).

The floor of the water tank was drying out nicely ( another 3 days and it should be totally dry).


Middle of the floor looking north-east.


Middle of the floor looking south-east.


Middle of the floor looking south-west.


Middle of the floor looking north-west.

Work was underway on building the wall that will support the veranda from the bedroom of the Ground Floor apartment’s bedroom.


Three courses of concrete blocks in place.


Making fine adjustments for the first ‘block of the forth and final course.

The wheelbarrow still had a role today to bring the cement to the build for the laying of he ‘blocks.


Alfredo making the walk for cement.

The mixer was not in use today because of the relatively small amount of cement required.


Alfredo knocking-up the cement.

The final course of ‘blocks was finally laid.


Work was also going on putting in place the forms for the walls for the water tank.


Nicholas making sure that the form board is level.

Although it was much quieter on our build in Ambergris Caye today – only 7 guys on the site – it was really exciting to see the floor of the water tank in place AND to be able to walk on it. A picture moment without doubt.


Me standing in a central position on the floor of the water tank.

Next week ( week 6) the schedule is to pour the walls and ceiling of the water tank ( this doubles as the floor of the Ground Floor) and the walls required for the Ground Floor. An ambitious target but one ( weather permitting) we are confident that Daniel Camal , our building contractor, and his team will achieve.

On the way home we spotted another Christmas decoration around Ambergris Caye. This one outside of The Village Market opposite Reef Village.


Musical – but rather short- Santa.

Oh the headline. Well obviously because the first wall was laid for our build in Ambergris Caye but also from Pink Floyd’s song of the same title which made number 1 in the UK and USA ( and quite a few other countries too) in 1979.


  1. Grace Novotny says:

    Thank you for your blog! May I inquire who your builder/general contractor is? We have purchased a lot and will begin building sometime in early 2014. We have begun our search for a contractor and have in idea where to begin. Best of luck!

    1. Grace, first of all I am pleased that you like the blog. The building contractor we are using is Daniel Camal.
      We looked at the work of a number of contractors and spoke to the people that they had built for and drew up a short list and then got those we had selected to submit proposals . We liked what we had seen, heard and got from Daniel and appointed him.
      His email address is :
      and his website can be found at:
      Good luck with your selection process.

  2. Jane says:

    It’s all so fascinating, John. I’m trying to figure out just where you’re building. How far north of the store in your picture?

    1. First of all thanks for the kind comments . I do appreciate them.
      Do not know how well you know North Ambergris Caye . Our build is to the north of the Hotel which is on the lagoon side of Tres Cocos just north of Legends. Our lots are immediately north of Pirate Villas, a white two storey building that looks as if it is built just on the edge of the lagoon.
      Does that help to place it?

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