Ambergris Caye – Get the “Picture”

Today we took the first demonstrable steps towards applying for the Qualified Retirement Programme . Two days ago I popped into the San Pedro Police Station to find out what is required to obtain the necessary Criminal Record Report . A much simpler requirement than I had imagined. Three passport sized photographs each for Rose and I, our passports and a processing fee.

So we went to Belicolour which is next door to Gekko Graphics. Our photos very taken straight away and we got 4 photos each ( one to spare) for a total of BZ$30 (BZ$15 each). On Friday we shall present the necessary documentation at the Police Station.

Christmas decorations around Ambergris Caye.

While out getting our photographs taken and doing some general shopping we came across some more Christmas decorations.


Super Buy (South).


Barrier Reef Drive.


Barrier Reef Drive.


Barrier Reef Drive.


Near Polo’s Golf Cart Rentals.

The build.

Before going up to the site we took the opportunity of going to look at another house that Daniel Camal, our building contractor , is building. This is situated in the south of the island and is scheduled to be completed for Christmas.

The purpose of our visit was to look at the doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and tiling. We were exceptionally pleased with what we saw.


Same style of door and wood (mahogany) that we have chosen. Ours will be a darker colour though.


Bathroom cabinets. Again, ours will be a darker colour.


Internal tile finish.

We then went on to the build and when we got there saw that the finishing touches were being applied to the rebar by binding the bars running from east to west with those running from north to south.


A close-up of the rebar rods bound together.


Team busy binding the rebar rods.

All is on target for the pouring of concrete for the water tank and the necessary materials were on site in readiness.


Sand, cement and gravel (crushed stone).


Water tank full.

The concrete pouring is scheduled (weather permitting) to start at 7am tomorrow . So an early breakfast at Estel’s is in order.

A ‘report’ and photos will follow.

Today’s headline was influenced by the song “Picture” by Kid Rock ( Robert James “Bob” Ritchie) and Sheryl Crow which made number 4 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2003. This song is one of Rose’s current favourites.

If you didn’t know yesterday was Little Richard’s 80th birthday. Hope he had a Wopbabalubop day!


  1. Mary Jarvis says:

    Loving all your blogs John,Love to Rose and yourself xxxxx

    1. Thanks Mary . Most days I enjoying writing it . Good to know that someone enjoys it.

  2. Tom J says:

    John interested in your well done blog and build. We are watching to see if something like this
    might be in our future. It is about 20 degrees (f) outside right now. Lots of snow on the nearby ski runs.
    Best to you from Montana
    Tom in Montana

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Tom. Really appreciated. Keep watching the blog.
      Regards John

  3. Jane CA says:

    Thanks but am interested in your build.

    1. Keep reading Jane and you will see how it progresses.

  4. Jane CA says:

    Excellent blog. I am watching this with keen interest.

    1. Keep watching Jane but look out for Tarzan!

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