Ambergris Caye – “Coconut”

A somewhat eclectic post today. Primarily because I did not think that you would want to see loads of photos of rebar and forms put in place . To be honest I didn’t fancy it either. So …

Marley update
Regular readers will recall, I am sure, that Rose kept one of the coconuts we were given to plant on our land and brought it back to our apartment.

It was ceremoniously planted in a tub, placed in a prime position on the veranda and given the name Marley. When we got the coconut ( or for my wife’s sake, him) it was 12 inches tall.


Marley just after adoption next to new friend Basil.

In the 16 days he ( I have been indoctrinated ) has been with us he has had a staple diet of sunshine and water with liberal doses of reggae. The result ? He has grown 4 inches.


A much taller Marley.

We are using the lot next to where our house is being built ( we bought both lots at the same time) to ‘bring on’ plants that we shall eventually use to landscape the garden around our new home.

We have 6 hibiscus cuttings on our veranda that we hope to propagate and when they are strong enough will take them up to our ‘nursery garden’ lot. These will join the coconut trees we have already planted along with the banana and bamboo that our neighbour Jason has promised us.

We are hopeful that we will also be able to grow some citrus trees and get a vegetable garden going. Time will tell . And I will tell you!

Household stuff.
Probably the only negative about the apartment we are renting is that a clause in the lease agreement prohibits us from hanging out washing on the veranda. We tried for a while to dry our clothes covertly by hanging them out at night but it wasn’t long before we were asked to desist.

We, therefore, needed an alternative and looked high and low in the shops on Ambergris Caye to find a clothes drying frame ( clothes horse for UK readers) but to no avail.

We did come across one in Benny’s Home Center ( when pricing building materials) but at around BZ$130 was, as far as we were concerned, too high a price to pay.

Luck was with us, however, when I was on one of my dental trips to Belize City . Whilst sitting in the reception I read the newspaper to kill some time and came across an advert for Delta Stores ( in Albert Street) promoting a special offer on clothes drying frames at – wait for it- BZ$29. Result!


Folded for easy storage.


Ready for action.


In action!

Christmas Decorations around Ambergris Caye.
Came across the one below in the ‘garden’ behind Waruguma in Pescador Drive. By the way, Waruguma means star in Garifuna.


The build.
After taking care of our domestic needs eg washing, shopping, drawing cash out of he ATM (ouch) we headed to the build for our ( at least) daily visit.

Pleased to see that we now have 10 people working on the build ( we have an inclusive labour price ) and they were working on fitting the rebar and filling the golf cart ramp section.


Rebar north to south and east to west under where the Ground Floor apartment will be now in place.


Piles and fill-in completed or where the veranda for the Ground Floor apartment will be.


View of Ground Floor looking from north west to south east.

Oh, the headline “Coconut” comes from the 1971 ( made number 8 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart) by Harry Nilsson.

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