Ambergris Caye – “Lazy Sunday”

Today’s headline is influenced by the Small Faces 1968 song “Lazy Sunday” which reached number 2 in the UK charts. It came from their album “Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake”.

I saw the Small Faces around 1966 ( showing my age again) when they appeared at Stratford Town Hall which was not far from where I was brought up in East London.

The day in Ambergris Caye started off with a lovely blue sky and bright sunshine and Rose and I decided that we would take a leisurely ( it was to be our lazy Sunday) stroll along the beach in a southerly direction ( heading towards San Pedro Town). This plan changed around noon when the sky darkened and the rain began to come down.

Being flexible of thought we decided that instead of the walk we would get our weatherproofs out and take the golf cart to our build in Ambergris Caye is taking place to measure the distance between the foundations laid for our front stairs and the ramp for the golf cart.

We wanted to do this to make sure that the ramp ( which has an extended length when compared to the architect’s plan because we have increased the depth of the foundations to avoid the risk of flooding) does not impede access to the Ground Floor stairs.

A quick wade through the mud with a tape measure assured us that our fears were unfounded.

On the way up to our land we saw an interesting sign which got our imagination racing.


It looked like a branch of Crime Scene Investigation had been set up . Was there going to be TV series of CSI Ambergris Caye to join those for Las Vegas, Miami and New York? A quick bit of investigation on our part informed us otherwise.

The sign is actually for the Crocodile Scientific Investigators which is operated by the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. Our appetite is whetted ( lovely word isn’t it) and we are going to take the tour at some point in the near future and when we do I will post a review with, of course, some photos.

We decided that for our lunch ( remember it is our lazy Sunday so no cooking to be done) we would pick up a barbeque from Carlo who, on a Sunday, operates ( or works his culinary skills) behind BC’s. He offers chicken, pork chops, sausages, ribs or combos, all with sides.

The menu.


Where the magic takes place.


Chicken nearly ready.


I decided to ‘go’ for the chicken.


And Rose opted for the ribs.


As well as being the barbeque king Carlo is also the quizmaster for the trivia quiz that is held every Friday evening at BC’s and is , in his own words, the ‘pulchritudinous host’. Pulchritudinous by the way means a person of great physical attractiveness. There is only one way to find out if this is true – you will have to go there yourself!

We have enjoyed our lazy Sunday but are looking forward to the recommencement of the build tomorrow.

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