Ambergris Caye -“Concrete and Clay”

The headline today comes from the 1965 ( really showing my age now) No1 UK hit by Unit 4+2. It was released in the USA but never got any higher than number 28 in the Billboard Hot 100.

I know there is no clay being used in our build in Ambergris Caye but it is the closest I could get! I know, must try harder.

Prior to going to the build today we had to renew our monthly Bridge Pass. Given that our build is on the north side of the bridge it makes good economical sense for us to buy the monthly pass.

A round trip costs BZ$10 but the Bridge Pass at BZ$150 allows us to cross the bridge – in either direction- as many times as we like. Even if we were to visit the build only once a day it would cost us BZ$300 a month but our saving is more than BZ$150 because on many days we visit twice.

You get the pass at the Transport Department which is on the top floor of the San Pedro Town Council’s building in Barrier Reef Drive ( the front street).


San Pedro Town Council building.

Rose went to get the pass and I went to draw some cash from the Atlantic Bank ATM.

Having got some cash and renewed our pass we headed to build and were pleasantly surprised to find that even though we had heavy rain yesterday evening the road was not too bad. In fact the puddles had contracted .


Rose doing her impression of a crab. Must be all that time she is spending on the sand!

When we got to the build it was ‘all go’. The cement mixer was going and the guys were busy wheelbarrowing concrete (aggregate (gravel and sand), Maya cement and water) to fill the forms . The conditions were exceedingly muddy but it didn’t deter them one bit.


The concrete was poured into the forms and then two of the guys ensured that it was compacted into the forms.


The guys appeared to sense that rain was on the way and put on a spurt. At times they were running pushing the wheelbarrows. Maybe it was a race?

With 4 of the guys ‘feeding’ the cement mixer it was important that the concrete was moved quickly and the 3 guys on the wheelbarrows made sure that this was the case even though the path from the ‘mixer to the build was extremely muddy and slippery.


The rain then started to fall quite heavily but it didn’t stop them. They just took off their shirts and carried on regardless.


I’d put my shirt on him finishing the job ( you can just see the guys in the background working the cement mixer) !

The long walk ( or run for them) from the cement mixer to the build.


After such a hard days work I am sure that the guys were looking forward to going home for a rest. Having watched them in , at times, atrocious conditions they deserved it.


The concrete now needs to cure but apparently( good old Wikipedia) humid conditions are good for this.

Tomorrow – weather permitting – they lay the sand and install more rebar ready for the floor of the water tank.

Rose and I had got very wet watching the pouring of the concrete and decided that we deserved a few Belikins so we headed to BC’s. Whilst there we had some of our favourite bar snacks. Meat pies at only BZ$1.25 each.



  1. Jane says:

    Thanks for your blog. I’m enjoying it! As a long-term renter who hopes to be in your position some day, it’s an eye-opener!

    1. Really pleased that it is of interest . And if it helps you even better.

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