Ambergris Caye – Window Shopper.

The headline (or the core of it) for today’s post is courtesy of a release in 2005 by 50 Cent. You don’t need to wonder where it came from now and can concentrate (!) on the rest of the post.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post ( probably the exertions of the walk south created some strain of amnesia) that when Rose and I met with Daniel Camal, our building constructor, we ran through the windows that we would like .

The house that we are having built in Ambergris Caye, as those of you who have seen the architect’s drawing will know, features a high number of windows because, aside from the light that this will provide, will enable us to see what is around us – and especially the lagoon- from virtually wherever we are.

Across the three floors of the house there will be 26 windows and sliding doors with glass panels of varying sizes. This includes 3 clerestory windows ( we have 4 in the plan but have decided to ‘lose’ the one in our bedroom) which will be situated in the dining area and the bedrooms on the Ground and First floors.

For those that are unfamiliar with clerestory windows they are, in architect’s terminology, any clear window above eye-level. Their purpose is to bring in outside light, fresh air, or both into the inner space. Historically they denoted an upper level of a Roman basilica ( a public building). So now you know.

In a previous post I let you know that with have chosen PGT’s Winguard Impact Resistance windows and doors but what I didn’t know at that time is that none of our window or glass door requirements can be fulfilled from Winguard’s standard ( off the shelve ) range . So all of our requirements will be custom made.

We went to the site this afternoon to see what progress had been made and whether the pouring of cement was still ‘on’ for Thursday but was told that the heavy rain of Tuesday evening had put this at risk of being delayed.

Whatever hopes there were of Thursday being a’pouring cement day’ were washed away ( excuse the pun) when the heavens opened up again . Heavy rain for will most probably mean that at best it will now be Friday before the cement pouring starts . When it rains here, it rains.

So, apologies for the lack of photos today but I didn’t think you would want to see more rebar and forms surrounded by pools of water . I didn’t anyway.

So, just so you get your photo fix below is an attempt I made to capture on film the Mystery Blogger. I think she was on to me though and it proves that I am not ‘ paparazzi class’!


And here is a photo taken a few days ago around 5pm at the Water Taxi pier near Cholo’s.


Normal service will be resumed on Friday when there will be an abundance of photos. Even if only of puddles!


  1. footballbat says:

    I know they all look similar, but gosh that looks like the palapa at Xanadu . . .

    Loving the blog, miss Ambergris Caye

    1. I cannot recall exactly but I think you are correct, it is the palapa at Xanadu.

      Really pleased that you are enjoying the blog.

  2. I’m don’t think that is the mystery blogger. I know what I look like :0)

    1. Have to keep looking out for you then.

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