Drive. Ambergris Caye vehicles of choice.

Rose and I did our daily trip to the building site and, as it has been thus far, it was a hive of activity. A load of rebar had been fitted and work continued on the forms . The piles for where the golf cart ramp will be had also been sunk. No photographs of the work that has been carried out though because there are only so many times you can look at piles,rebar and forms. Even Rose and I are starting to get bored looking at them . Not really but I don’t want to run the risk of encouraging readers of this blog to get their Ambergris Caye ‘fix’ somewhere else!

So, today I thought I would look at something completely different . The modes of transport that differ from the everyday, bog standard, golf cart.

How about these quad bikes.



And this fiery, multi purpose vehicle.


Think this one is carrying too much weight. Look at the near side wheel.


Built for the bumpy roads north of the bridge.


Tempted by this one.


Really tempted by this one.


This one was just too quick for me!


On the way to the building site we saw the truck waiting for the boat to arrive so that the rubbish could be loaded and taken to the rubbish dump.


On the north side of the bridge we saw tradespeople outside Holy Cross School waiting to sell their wares to the schoolchildren .



Good job that our golf cart has a speed governor fitted otherwise we could have been stopped by the Transport Department .


Normal service resumes with the next post but I promise it will not include loads of pictures of rebar!

Oh, and the headline Is based on the 1984 song of the same name by the Cars.

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