Lookin’ through the windows

Today, a day without any specific tasks to take care of it was, as Rose and I describe such days, a ‘snow day’. Such days for us are ones on which the day will be what it will be . We don’t set out with any firm plans or intentions, we just ‘go with the flow’.

With nothing specially to do we decided that we would make use of the time and review all of the brochures we have collected illustrating the different types of windows available for our new home . The stack we have we obtained from a recent visit we made to Benny’s Homecenter ( Northern Highway, Belize City) and some that Daniel Camal, our building contractor, has lent us.

We reviewed the products produced by Oran ( Barbados based ), Altrium ( Dallas based), Weather Shield (Wisconsin based), Jeld Wen ( Winnipeg based) and Winguard (Florida based).

After a great deal of consideration we have elected to go for the Impact Resistant windows and doors that Winguard manufacture . We are going for single hung windows ( the CA 540 frame) and the SGD 570 sliding glass doors ( these will be for the doors overlooking the lagoon on the 1st Floor and leading from our bedroom on the 2nd floor, again looking out on the lagoon.

We will probably elect to order these from either Trendex or Natural Sales – the two Miami Winguard distributors- and then have them shipped over to Ambergris Caye via Belize City.

We have chosen Winguard because the impact resistant glass, aside from its hurricane protection, has burglar proof merit . This will hopefully mean that we will not need the hurricane shutters that we have been considering that would add US$ 30,000 to the cost of the build.

After making the choice of windows and sliding doors we thought it was time to see what work had been done on the building site after we left yesterday afternoon. So, in the afternoon we drove up to our lots in Tres Cocos .

On arrival we were very pleased to see that all of the forms were in place.

Forms in place on the east of the house ( the view we will get when we enter from the road).


Forms had also been completed for the ground floor stairs.

Where the stairs will be.

Rose imagining what it will be like to come out from the ground floor apartment .


Forms in place on the lagoon ( west) side of the house.


Forms in place on the south side of the house.


Forms in place on the east side ( the view we will get when entering from the road).



  1. Juan Pablo says:

    hi, i m also an expat and i would like to know how you dealt with your windows …. i m also looking for impact resistant windows but i cant figure out how to obtain them here in belize for cheap …

    1. Hi Juan. We have ordered our windows (impact resistant) from the States from PGT. Don’t know that they are cheap though. But you generally get what you pay for. You might like to look to see what is available in Guatamala. Good luck.

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