That was a crazy game of poker- in Ambergris Caye.

Today sees the introduction of Bar Hopper whose challenge is to visit bars on Ambergris Caye and share the experience with you . Tough gig!

Bar Hopper will , during the travails of the task, have to down a Belikin or three so do make allowances for poor grammar, tardy punctuation and the odd spelling mistake.

To start off this regular feature Bar Hopper has chosen the November Poker Run – an event ( fast becoming a tradition) – that takes place around every 4/6 weeks that involves a host of people hitting 5 bars to draw a card at each one. Omaha hold’em rules apply. The entry fee is BZ$25 per hand and you can have as many hands as you want ( or can afford). On a well attended Poker Run the pot can be BZ$1,000+

Explaining all of this because I am not confident that Bar Hopper will be in a fit state to do so when filing copy!

Trivia Diversion.
The origin of Omaha hold’em is unknown but it was introduced by Robert “Chip Burner”Turner ( an American professional poker player) to William “Bill” Walter Boyd ( another American professional poker player) . Question – are all Americans professional poker players? Anyway, back to the trivia. Boyd at the time was director of operations at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas ( closed in 1988) and introduced the game there where it was initially known as Nugget hold’em.

This is the hand you need to guarantee that you end up with the pot.


By the way, the headline comes from the song by O.A.R. ( Of A Revolution) .

And now to the reason for this blog, the build of our home on Ambergris Caye.

Rose and I took the 20 minute golf cart ride to the site after watching Arsenal on TV in a disappointing draw with Aston Villa and we definitely needed cheering up. When we got to the site we found a hive of activity with all 8 of the guys working on the preparatory work that is required before the concrete for the water tank is poured.

A hive of activity.

Rebar and forms in place for where the ground floor bedroom will be.

A close up and personal with the rebar and forms.

Rebar and forms in place for the ground floor stairs.

Final adjustments on a form.

Piles poured or the golf cart ramp.

Bar Hopper here. Have decided to start some of my reporting before I get too inebriated. Just so you can find the bars on the Poker Run I thought I should let you know what they look like in daylight ( might help me to find them again when I am sober!).

The Roadkill, first stop on the ‘Run.

AJ’s, second stop on the ‘Run.

Lola’s, third stop on the ‘Run.

Wayo’s Beachside Beernet, the forth stop on the ‘Run.

Pedro’s Hotel, the final stop on the ‘Run.

So , the ‘Run started off at the Roadkill and I had a couple of beers ( Belikins of course) and drew a card. Paid my BZ$25 entry fee off course.

Me looking at the bar wondering if I can get another one.

We then moved on to AJ’s where it was packed . Great sounds from the live group . Must say that the chicken wings were great.

Waiting for the chicken wings.

Think I was left behind.


Then moved on to Lola’s for another couple of Belikins and a card.

Packed bar at Lola’s . Can I get to the bar please.

Now they tell it me it is time to move on to Wayo’s . Slugged back the Belikin and moved on .

Got to Wayo’s for some more beer . Belikins of course. Managed to get to the bar before it got too crowded.


Oh , should mention that I got another card.

Got another Belikin and then told it was time to move on to Pedro’ Hotel where I was ‘ forced’ to have a shot .

Oh no, not another one.

Got another Belikin or two and then heard Peter ( aka Pedro ) announcing the winner. It wasn’t me . Oh well, better have another Belikin.

I didn’t win but this is a great fun night spent in great company going to really friendly bars . Really pleased that I got this job. Don’t know though how long my liver will last!

Now, that was a crazy game of poker.


    1. Alan, probably could manage that many,many years ago but cannot be certain that I ever did. Because if I did I was too drunk to remember! Nowadays it takes far,far less. Don’t mention the free wine please. It is bloody expensive here! Regards John

  1. Mystery blogger says:

    Sounds like fun :0)

    1. I will ask the Bar Hopper and let you know.

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