(Please) Ring my bell

Went to Wayo’s Beachside Beernet bar last night and felt decidedly the worse for wear when I got up this morning. It’s Karaoke night on a Tuesday and Wayo’s always gets a sizeable crowd with pleasingly a high number that want to sing.

If you haven’t been there it is well worth a visit (and not just on Tuesday night). A short walk along the beach heading north from the town to the Boca del Rio area. When you get there you will find a very nice beachside bar with very helpful and friendly staff and a great owner in Wayo.

You will know you have reached Wayo’s when you see these signs on the beach.



Wayo’s Beachside Beernet.


Forced to drink more Belikins today because Rose and I went to Pedro’s Hotel for lunch before Arsenal’s game against Montpellier in the Champions League.

Like us, Peter aka Pedro, is an Arsenal fan and hopefully lunch before a game will become a firm tradition . Non UK readers please stick with me because this post is not going to be entirely about football ( soccer to you).

For those of you that have never been (or ever will) to Pedro’s it is a hotel for the budget minded traveller . Very reasonably priced rooms with all of the facilities required for an enjoyable stay at a base that is very centrally located . Must add here that I am not operating on commission. Although if I grow the number of visitors to this blog that may well change ( so, please keep coming back).

Since its inception Pedro’s Hotel has grown materially from the original one building( bar on the ground floor and rooms above) to four enabling a good range of accommodation and price choice.

The ‘original’Pedro’s Hotel.


The first addition ( just across the road – a short stumbling distance from the bar).


The two new buildings which are nearing completion.


And there’s a swimming pool with deck!


An interesting and potentially costly custom is the ringing of either of the bells that hang over the bar. Ring one and you buy a Jägermeister shot for every one in the bar. So, be careful when you go to order a drink at the bar!

Now you know the reason for the headline of today’s post. Peter loves it when you ‘ ring his bell’.

The bells.


A bit of trivia for you. Anita Ward only got to sing Ing My Bell because Stacy Lattisaw, who had been chosen to sing the song, moved to another record label.

By the way, we had spaghetti bolognese for lunch and it was delicious. And, to make matters even better, Arsenal won by two goals to nil with a wonder goal by Lukas Podolski.

Even with such a busy day Rose and I found time to go to the site to see how the build is going and to plant the remainder of the coconuts.

Six of the guys plus Daniel Camal our builder were continuing the work on digging the channels for where concrete will poured to create the base for our rainwater collection tank. The other two guys were preparing the wood that will be used to create the forms for the poured concrete.

Channelling work continues.



The guys working on the wood for the forms.


Me after planting the last of the coconuts.


By the way, one keen-eyed reader questioned whether I am planting the coconuts too close to each other . The reader would be right if where we have planted them is where we want them to stay. But we don’t. We want them to have somewhere safe (away from the build) to grow whilst we decide how we will eventually landscape .

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