Sailing (part 2 ) – (You gotta have ) Faith.

The San Pedro Sailing Club team were up bright and early this morning for the second day of the ‘Championship setting off in their dinghies between 6 and 7 bells ( 7 to 7.30am for you and me) from their home base of Caribbean Villas to the start line just off of Central Park.

Setting off for Central Park.


Amazing that they were up so early given that they all had a fairly late night at Fido’s ( which was banged out – packed for those not aware of this colloquialism) where they were treated to a complimentary dinner and were entertained by Kelly McGuire . He very kindly donated a stack of merchandise to be sold with the proceeds going to the San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) and some of the more enterprising young sailers took the opportunity of selling the SPSC calendar.



I had a leisurely walk along the beach and took in the view on a great morning ( gratuitous shots to make you envious follow).



I will do this a lot so that you can start to feel sorry for us !

Anyway, back to the ‘Championship.

The first race started at 09.00 hours ( remember how many bells that is ? There may be a prize on offer later!). This was won by Faith Noel ( yep, that’s the reason for the adulteration of George Michael’s song title) to strike up another first for the San Pedro team . Kevin Velasquez finished second and he then went on to win the next two races .

Kevin , the star of the two day event, even though the smallest of the competitors ( given my stature I always root for the small guy) convincingly won the championship recording 3 firsts, 1 second and 2 fourths. An amazing performance which saw him become the Belize National Optimist Champion for 2012.

Kevin Velasquez receiving his awards.


The all conquering San Pedro team.


Thought I should give you a couple of shots of the build just to keep you interested. So here are a couple of photos of all of the secondary stage piles ( all 18 of them) set in cement . With these in place we are starting to appreciate the size of our new home.



The land is starting to dry out so we were able to get to the end of what will be the garden overlooking the lagoon and this is the view we have.



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