Mystery Blogger here in Ambergris Caye,Belize

Mr. John is on the mainland today getting his gnashers sorted, so I am here for a quick blog.

Dropped Mr. John at the water taxi to catch the 9:30 for Belize City.

Went to Greenhouse to buy some vegetables and provisions. I figure Mr. John would only be able to drink his dinner tonight. So I think I will be making a stew, soup or a curry. I think maybe a curry as Mr. John is partial to a curry particularly of the prawn variety. Food sorted.

Went to the sewing shop to buy some sewing notions, I am making a bag, but no they didn’t have what I wanted so I will have to adapt. (Which is the norm here on the Island?)

‘Thought’ I wonder how long it would take me to go to Lewisham to the material shop, could I do it in a day…? (Thinking) nah thought over.

I am sitting typing this on my laptop on the kitchen table with the ceiling fan on and it is hot hot hot, did I mention it was hot. There is a slight breeze outside today, the palm trees outside are making a whooshing sound.

Whoosh Whoosh

Mr. John will probably catch the 3:30 boat back to the Island and get here about 5:00 5:15ish Belize time, there are a lot of ish’s in Belize time.

But before that I will be going up North, through the town

Over the bridge

Past the Cinema which I would class more as a Picture House

And continuing past Legends restaurant no picture of the restaurant at the moment but a picture of a rainbow taken outside Mr. Johns’ favourite bar

And just past pirates restaurant and bar. (Mr. Johns’ next door neighbour).

Then stop at Highbury House and take pictures.

Then back to the water taxi to pick up Mr. John.

Phew what a fun packed day.

Well bye for now my jobs done.
Mystery Blogger – over and out……


  1. summery says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful, especially the rainbow. I think am about to cry just thinking that it will snow soon in Canada

    1. Don’t cry, come here and smile.

  2. Mary Jarvis says:

    Well done Rose xxxxxxxx

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